Wednesday, Nov 29, 2023

Co Operative Banks

RBI Issues Guidelines For Fair Lending Practices, Bars Banks, NBFCs From Levying Penal Interest Rates

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has issued guidelines for banks to ensure fairness and transparency to the penal interest rates charged by them. 

18 August 2023

RBI Imposes Cash Withdrawal Restrictions On Two Co-Operative Banks

The restrictions have been imposed on the two cooperative banks by the Reserve Bank of India in wake of their deteriorating financial positions

19 July 2022

RBI Imposes Restrictions, Withdrawal Caps On Four Co-Operative Banks

The restrictions came into effect after the close of business on Friday and will remain in force for six months, the Reserve Bank said in a statement

09 July 2022

Reserve Bank of India, RBI

RBI Notifies 4 Key Measures To Help Strengthen 1,514 Urban Co-operative Banks

UCBs have to get the policy approved by their board and comply with the Financially Sound and Well Managed (FSWM) Norms

10 June 2023

RBI Imposes Monetary Penalty On Three Co-Operative Banks

This action is based on deficiency in regulatory compliance and is not intended to pronounce upon the validity of any transaction or agreement entered into by the bank with its customers, RBI said

12 July 2022

Urban Co-Operative Banks Need To Focus On Symmetric Development, Adopt Modern Banking Methods: Shah

He emphasised on the reforms in urban cooperative banks and asked them to make structural changes, computerise accounting processes and infuse young talent in the sector

23 June 2022

Why RBI Is Imposing Cash Withdrawal Restrictions On Co-Operative Banks

Restrictions on Sri Mallikarjuna Pattana Sahakari Bank Niyamita, Maski and Nashik Zilla Girna Sahakari Bank, Nashik will remain in force for six months

21 July 2022


RBI’s Twin Announcement On Co-Operative Banks To Boost Affordable Housing

RBI has expanded the individual loan limits that co-operative banks can offer and has allowed rural co-operative banks to extend finance to commercial real estate.

08 June 2022