The grand-old-party of the country Indian National Congress (INC) popular as Congress, is also among the world’s oldest political parties. It was founded in pre-independence era in 1885 when WC Banerjee became its first president. The party not only emerged as a major political party against the British rule in India, but also became a binding force of the divided India ruled by several autocrats. Post -independence it was Jawaharlal Nehru who lead the party and tried to build a modern India based on secular democratic principles. The party remained in power at the Centre till 1977 and then again from 1980-1989, but after that period the mass support that the grand old party once enjoyed started to wane. Congress champions secularism and claims to work for the welfare of weaker sections and minorities. It also supports new economic reforms with a human face. It emerged as a single largest party with 145 seats in 2004 elections and got 206 seats in 2009, however the party’s sharp decline started in 2014 Lok Sabha elections with the party getting just 44 seats. In 2019, the party’s fortunes couldn’t change much with the party’s current tally reduced to just 47 seats. Now all eyes on the Lok Sabha Election 2024, where the country's awaits the result that will determine India's next Prime Minister. Here at Outlook India, our editors are committed to delivering comprehensive analyses of the latest news, live updates, highlights, reports, and insights into the Congress Party. Stay informed with us as we cover everything from party candidates and members to seats, exit poll updates, results, and more.