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Outlook Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd. started operations in 1995 as a division of Hathway Investments Private Limited, with the launch of ‘Outlook’, a current affairs news magazine. In 2003, the division was demerged into a separate entity Outlook Publishing (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Journalist Vinod Mehta

Journalist Vinod Mehta

Journalist Vinod Mehta was the Founder Editor-in-Chief of Outlook Magazine. He was associated with the group till 2012. A collection of Vinod Mehta's articles under the title 'Mr Editor, How Close Are You to the PM?' was published in 2001. His much acclaimed memoir, Lucknow Boy, was published in 2011. Mehta died of multi-organ failure in New Delhi on 8 March 2015, after a prolonged illness.

The company’s publication portfolio includes Outlook English, Outlook Money, Outlook Business, Outlook Traveller, Outlook Hindi and subsequently we expanded our digital offerings to include

The Company is a part of the Rajan Raheja group which has interests in diverse sectors including real estate and construction, automotive batteries, cement, ceramic tiles, mutual funds, hospitality, media and entertainment. The group is valued at 3.5 billion INR. The company corporate office situated in the South Delhi. Magazines from the Outlook Group

Outlook: Outlook is India’s most credible current affairs and news magazine launched in 1995. Known for its bold and aggressive reporting it continuously raises questions many had in their minds but never dared to ask. Outlook has rewritten and reinvented the way news and general interest magazines are presented in India. It is comprehensive yet concise and crisp, investigative and bold in its approach. Outlook covers an array of topics ranging from current affairs, socio-economic issues, politics, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, international features, etc. Outlook reaches out to over 1.78 million discerning readers, across the country. Outlook has won a myriad of awards including the prestigious "International Press Institute" Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Outlook Business: Outlook Business is an insightful, thought provoking, compelling, in-depth business magazine which delivers fresh perspective, coupled with a holistic approach. Outlook Business is the Business Magazine for Decision Makers. Think Beyond and Stay Ahead with Outlook Business. The product focuses on important business issues and developments with a view to providing clear takeaways – impact and implications for decision-making. A holistic approach ensures all influences on business: economic, political, regulatory and market driven are examined. Views from the best in industry supplement strong analytical in-house features to ensure a fine balance of perspectives, insights and information. In keeping with the rapid unification of markets, Outlook Business incorporates a global perspective, which it sees as a vital input, in all its content. Due recognition is also given to venture capital, hedge funds and private equity. This is only fair, since capital, a key driver of business, is footloose and fancy-free in this brave new global economic order.

Outlook Money: Outlook Money India’s No.1 personal finance magazine, gives in-depth analysis and sound advice on all facets of investing well, borrowing wisely and spending smartly. As we witness one of the most challenging economic situations in history, there is a lot of speculation in the market. There are many who suggest that we are far from a recovery and that we should stay away from the equity market at this point. However, being fearful while others are reckless, and being a little venturesome when others are fearful, is an oft-repeated advice to succeed in the equity markets. Longer-term returns are better when the prices at which assets are bought are reasonable and, in many cases, close to crisis levels. Given this scenario it’s time to revisit the basics.

Outlook Traveller: Outlook Traveller is a monthly magazine from the stable of Outlook Publishing India Pvt. Limited and the only significant magazine aimed at the travel reader. Every month since June 2001 OT has introduced readers to the wonders of unknown destinations while also encouraging travellers to take a fresh look at familiar places. Whether people are planning a holiday, or simply dreaming of one, Outlook Traveller continues to take them closer.

Outlook Hindi: Outlook Hindi is an exciting magazine mostly read by the modern and progressive readers. Outlook Hindi is a complete current affairs and general interest fortnightly for the well informed and concerned citizens, cultured people, conscious consumers, sensitive human beings and sensible families. It tracks a wide range of issues from politics and policy, economy and society to international affairs, literature and culture, personal finance and films, travel and spiritualism, and family and relationships.

Outlook’s Transformation Outlook has been on the forefront of investigative reporting, political analysis, trends in the society, giving voice to the powerless, breaking stories in sports and going behind the scenes in entertainment for over 25 years.

Now the magazine and the website are all set to begin a new phase—to disrupt the way news is reported and presented in India. We will not spam the readers with an information overload. Our aim is to take a 360-degree view of news development and bring fresh insight into the clutter in other publications and portals. Our idea is not to chase the breaking new, our intent is to look at news from multiple perspectives. In the new Outlook, the focus is on politics, culture and society from the prism of social issues like caste politics, education policies, history of protests, the danger of terrorism, army action in Kashmir and the North East, inflation and jobs, the business of fashion. The Outlook covers are an artistic representation curated by well-known artists and illustrators.

Outlook in its new avatar is a longform platform, designed to set a perspective that should lead to a well-informed conversation. We value our discerning readers and we know they want credible quality content.

The newly designed Outlook India, our digital platform is an extension of our magazine. We lead the magazine stories to the web with more aspects on the same topic that we publish in the magazine. We have additional sections on business and finance, sports, entertainment, travel… and in the coming months we will add new sections on our digital platform.

Our transformation is led by Outlook Editor, Chinki Sinha. The business section is led by Outlook Business Editor, Suchetana Ray, personal finance/cryptocurrency section by Outlook Money Editor, Nidhi Sinha, travel section by Outlook Traveller Editor, Ashish Jha.

Here are some of Outlook’s marquee events:

  • Outlook Speakout
    Outlook Speak Out is one of the marquee events of the organisation which focuses on Women Empowerment. As a part of the event we feature women entrepreneurs who are dedicating their lives for the upliftment of the society and in the process inspiring millions. This is an event has been held over the last many years.
  • Outlook Agriculture Conclave
    Outlook magazine that has been the informed choice of people since 1995 with a whopping circulation in English and Hindi languages is organize every year an event to recognize the innovations in the field of agriculture that has helped the farmers double their income. This event is being organized in association with Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer’s Welfare Govt. of India and the event is designed by Indian Council for Agricultural research (ICAR)
  • Outlook Business Smart Enterprise
    This is our annual congregation to strengthen the co-operation between the private sector, government and the SME clusters. The goal is to initiate, introduce and disseminate new technologies, products, processes and business models. The format consists of in-depth discussions on opportunities and challenges across various industry verticals.
  • Outlook Business Leading Edge
    Outlook Business Leading Edge is an event conceived for business leaders. Apart from a perspective on the economic environment prevailing in the country today, one can expect to gain from the insights on leadership challenges by some of the most accomplished global management thinkers and CEOs of some India’s leading companies. It also includes a bunch of new-age Indian entrepreneurs who have built their businesses to scale reflect on the rough patches in the journey and how they rode the success.
  • Outlook Money Awards
    The prestigious Outlook Money Awards are instituted to recognize stellar performance in banking, insurance, mutual funds and financial services in general. The Award has always been attended by the leaders of the Indian financial sector. Many senior ministers from the Government of India have been an integral part of the award.
  • Outlook Traveller Awards
    Incorporated in 2011, this annual event honours and celebrates the best in travel industry. Attended by leaders in tourism and hospitality industry, the presence is also marked by leading socialites, Tourism Boards, Travel Writers, Bloggers, etc
  • Outlook Traveller Boutique Hotel Awards
    An event to celebrate the best boutique hotels in India, it is attended by hoteliers and boutique hotel owners.
  • Responsible Tourism India Summit & Awards
    Started in 2015, the Outlook Responsible Tourism Summit & Awards is the only responsible tourism initiative by any media organisation in India. We are collaborators with Ministry of Tourism and affiliate member of UNWTO. In this process, we engage with start-ups, communities, operators, home stay owners, artisans and all other stakeholders who are engaged in promoting responsible tourism in India
  • Our Startup Initiatives
    Most of our startup initiatives are under Outlook Business. Launched in 2006 has grown to be the second most read business magazine in the country. In its new avatar, launched in 2021, Outlook Business has four thrust areas – economic policy, startups, gender and sustainability. Among these, ‘Startups’ gives readers a preview into the world of budding entrepreneurs, emerging businesses, private equity and venture capital. Despite being the youngest Indian business magazine, Outlook business has been breaking new ground bringing to readers relevant business stories right from exclusive interviews, incisive analysis, reports on policies and global events that are shaping the sector and bottom-of-the pyramid innovations. In the last one year Outlook Business has showcased startups twice as cover stories, apart from the hundreds of stories that are done every month for the magazine as well as for the websites. Here are some of our covers on startups:

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