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Lok Sabha Elections 2024 LIVE: PM Modi's Roadshow In Dwarka; BJP Confident Of Forming Govt In Odisha

Lok Sabha Elections 2024 LIVE Updates: With only two days left for the sixth phase of polling for the general elections, May 25, Prime Minister Narendra will hold a public rally in southwest Delhi's Dwarka today. Meanwhile, AAP leader Rahul Chadha held his first poll meeting in Delhi and depicted the mutual support in INDIA bloc saying Arvind Kejriwal will vote for Congress and Rahul Gandhi will vote for AAP.

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Everything About Scarlett Johansson 'Her' Controversy: SAG-AFTRA's Advocacy, OpenAI's Response, And AI's Impact On Actor Rights And Gendered Interactions

The intersection of artificial intelligence and celebrity rights takes center stage as Scarlett Johansson voices concerns over an AI system's use of a voice resembling hers, prompting action from both SAG-AFTRA and OpenAI. This controversy illuminates evolving debates around actor rights, AI ethics, and gendered interactions in technology.

BY Saihaj Kaur Madan

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