In Brief: Bollywood legend and an actor par excellence, Sridevi is no more. The actress passed away after a massive... Read the Full Story.
A look at the late actress’ southern trail
Twitterati Call Out Congress For Mixing Business With Grief In A Tweet On Actor Sridevi's...
Madhu vomited and fell unconscious while he was being taken to the police station. He...
According to some locals, Pakistani army used public address system informing people...
Outlook Magazine
  • Cover Story:
    Spooling The Tangles
    There has been a spurt of new drugs for diabetes and cancer treatment in ­recent years. Those with neuropsychiatric...
  • Cover Story:
    If The Brain Withers
    Four million Indians diagnosed with ­dementia face the disease with no cure. And that’s not even 10 per cent of...
  • Cover Story:
    This Needs A Detox
    Multiple laws make a mess of deaddiction
  • Sour Script:
    Costume Drama
    For all his sartorial elegance, Trudeau’s India visit, haunted by the Khalistan issue, achieved little
  • Netagiri:
    Long Rope Curls Into Tight Tape
    A midnight meeting with Delhi CM has a top babu leaving in a huff. Another blow to livid bureaucrats.
Editor's Comment: Dalit Atrocities
What if we trust Anshu Prakash’s version? Every chief secretary of...
Rajesh Ramachandran
Truce In Tatters: Forward, With A Sentimental Throwback
Ruling PDP pushes Vajpayee-era India-Pak talks as a way out of...
Naseer Ganai
Sans Shine: Neglect Is A Fraud’s Best Friend
Regulators didn’t merely fail to crack down on PNB’s ...
Lola Nayar
Breaking Even: Taxing The Broadcast...
A miffed ICC might relocate events from...
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
Rhyme Scheme: A Pen Is A Chisel
A new wave of Marathi women writers speaks eloquently for the...
Last Page: Shahjahanpur Diary
"For all the tall claims of people, I had the...
Rajpal Yadav


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