In Brief: Bollywood legend and an actor par excellence, Sridevi is no more. The actress passed away after a massive... Read the Full Story.
A look at the late actress’ southern trail
He was re-elected to the post in 2017
Twitterati Call Out Congress For Mixing Business With Grief In A Tweet On Actor Sridevi's...
Madhu vomited and fell unconscious while he was being taken to the police station. He...
Outlook Magazine
  • Cover Story:
    Spooling The Tangles
    There has been a spurt of new drugs for diabetes and cancer treatment in ­recent years. Those with neuropsychiatric...
  • Cover Story:
    If The Brain Withers
    Four million Indians diagnosed with ­dementia face the disease with no cure. And that’s not even 10 per cent of...
  • Cover Story:
    This Needs A Detox
    Multiple laws make a mess of deaddiction
  • Sour Script:
    Costume Drama
    For all his sartorial elegance, Trudeau’s India visit, haunted by the Khalistan issue, achieved little
  • Netagiri:
    Long Rope Curls Into Tight Tape
    A midnight meeting with Delhi CM has a top babu leaving in a huff. Another blow to livid bureaucrats.
Editor's Comment: Dalit Atrocities
What if we trust Anshu Prakash’s version? Every chief secretary of...
Rajesh Ramachandran
Truce In Tatters: Forward, With A Sentimental Throwback
Ruling PDP pushes Vajpayee-era India-Pak talks as a way out of...
Naseer Ganai
Sans Shine: Neglect Is A Fraud’s Best Friend
Regulators didn’t merely fail to crack down on PNB’s ...
Lola Nayar
Breaking Even: Taxing The Broadcast...
A miffed ICC might relocate events from...
Qaiser Mohammad Ali
Rhyme Scheme: A Pen Is A Chisel
A new wave of Marathi women writers speaks eloquently for the...
Last Page: Shahjahanpur Diary
"For all the tall claims of people, I had the...
Rajpal Yadav


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