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A State Built On Migration Now In Tears

On June 14, Cochin International Airport witnessed profound scenes of mourning as hundreds of people from across the state gathered at the terminal to receive the mortal remains of 31 expatriate workers who tragically perished in the Kuwait building fire

BY Shahina K. K.

Kanchanjungha Express Mishap: Not Goods Train Driver's Fault, Allowed To Pass Red Signals, Says Internal Document

It has been reported that the document, a written authority called TA 912, was issued to the driver of the goods train by the station master of Ranipatra which allowed him to cross all red signals. As per the railway rules, when the automatic signalling system fails, the station master issues a written authority called TA 912 that authorises the driver to cross all red signals in the section because of the defect.

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Getty Images : Boys from the Brahmin caste crowd around for a photo
Poems About Time And Continuity
Cover of 'The Distaste Of The Earth' By Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih
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Cover of 'The Kaurs Of 1984' By
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Tarini Mehta : Farheen Khan, a 25-year-old BA student at Shaheed Lieutenant Kiran Shekhawat Government College for Women Salaheri in Nuh.  She wants to do a B.Ed. and her Master’s and eventually teach the children of her community.
- PTI : Father Abraham mourns near the mortal remains of Sib who was killed in a fire incident in Kuwait, at the Cochin International Airport in Kochi, Friday, June 14, 2024. An IAF aircraft carrying the mortal remains of 45 Indians who died in building fire in Kuwait landed in Kochi at 10.30 a.m. on June 14.


Jin Bids Goodbye To The South Korean Military: Unseen Photos From The Discharge Of The K-Pop Star – View Pics

After a long wait, Jin, the eldest member of BTS, has been discharged from the military. The musician, who enlisted in December 2022, was spotted leaving his base camp in his military uniform recently. BTS members met him after his discharge ceremony outside the military camp’s gates. Here are some of the most unseen pictures from the time when Jin was discharged from the South Korean military.

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