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Getty Images : A school girl passes the ball during an under-14 school hockey tournament in Mumbai (representative image)
Photo: Getty Images : The Idea of India: Protestors after the demolition of the Babri Masjid in 1992.
Photo: PTI : A Town in Flux: Devotees at the Shri Hanuman Maha Yagyashala ahead of the Ram temple consecration ceremony
Photo: Author Mamta Kalia
Book Review: ‘The Viceroy’s Artist’ by Anindyo Roy
Soma: Poems by A.K. Ramanujan
Photo: Getty Images : Children look on as civil defence teams conduct rescue operations following an Israeli attack in Gaza
Why We Remember by Dr Charan Ranganath
Colonel Khushal Chand
Getty Images : Square Multi-Season Pieced Shawl, 1880s |
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