Name: Eknath Shinde

Political Party: Shiv Sena
DOB: 9 February 1964
Spouse: Lata Eknath Shinde

Eknath Sambhaji Shinde, is a prominent Indian politician currently serving as the 20th Chief Minister of Maharashtra since 30th June 2022. He also holds key positions as the Leader of Shiv Sena since February 2023 and the Leader of the House in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly since July 2022. Representing the Kopri-Pachpakhadi constituency of Thane, Maharashtra, Shinde has had a notable political journey marked by dedication, resilience, and significant contributions to Maharashtra's governance.

Hailing from Dare Village in Satara, Maharashtra, he belongs to the Maratha community. His family later moved to Thane, where he attended Mangala High School & Junior College until the 11th standard. Despite temporarily leaving school to support his family, Shinde resumed his education in 2014 and earned a Bachelor of Arts from Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University in 2020. 

Entering politics under the guidance of then Thane Shiv Sena President Anand Dighe in the early 1980s, Shinde initially led Shiv Sena's agitation in the Wagle Industrial Estate, emerging as a prominent labour leader. His journey within Shiv Sena saw steady growth, from becoming a Sakha Pramukh in Thane to being elected as a corporator in the Thane Municipal Corporation in 1997. Shinde's leadership abilities were further recognized when he succeeded Dighe's legacy after passing in 2001, eventually becoming the Leader of the House in the Thane Municipal Corporation.

Shinde's political career expanded beyond municipal politics as he was elected as a Member of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly in 2004, marking the beginning of four consecutive terms in office. His responsibilities within Shiv Sena grew significantly, including appointments as the Thane district head, Leader of the Opposition in the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly, Cabinet Minister of PWD (PU), and guardian minister of Thane District. These roles underscore Shinde's versatile governance, infrastructure development, and regional leadership expertise.

In 2019, Shinde's portfolio expanded to include crucial ministries such as Public Health and Family Welfare, Urban Development and Public Works, and Home Affairs (Acting). His tenure as a minister showcased a proactive approach to public welfare and urban development, aligning with Shiv Sena's core principles of social welfare and infrastructure enhancement.

The pinnacle of Shinde's political journey came in 2022 during the Maharashtra political crisis. Faced with ideological differences and perceived unfair treatment within the Maha Vikas Aghadi alliance, Shinde advocated for breaking the alliance and realigning with the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). This move led to a significant political upheaval, culminating in Uddhav Thackeray's resignation as Chief Minister and Shinde's appointment as the 20th Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

As Chief Minister, Shinde focuses on governance, economic growth, and cultural preservation. His administration revised sectoral policies, promoted investment in the state, and emphasized Maharashtra's identity as a religious and cultural center. Notable policy decisions included addressing noise pollution by removing loudspeakers from marriage halls and spiritual places, demolishing unauthorized properties linked to criminal elements, and conducting surveys to identify unregistered educational institutions.

Shinde's leadership also navigated internal challenges within Shiv Sena, particularly a leadership dispute with Uddhav Thackeray's faction over party names and symbols. The Election Commission's recognition of Shinde's faction as the legitimate Shiv Sena party resolved this dispute, consolidating his authority within the party and the state's political landscape.

Beyond politics, Shinde's personal life reveals a man of resilience and compassion. His tragic loss of two children in a boating accident in 2000 tested his emotional strength, with support from Anand Dighe guiding him through difficult times. Shinde's surviving son, Shrikant Shinde, has also made a mark in politics as an elected Member of Parliament from the Kalyan constituency.

In popular culture, Shinde's life has been depicted in films like "Dharmaveer," highlighting his journey from humble beginnings to becoming a pivotal figure in Maharashtra's political sphere. His rise from driving an autorickshaw to leading one of India's most influential states reflects a deep-rooted connection with Maharashtra's people.


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