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Loksabha 2014

The 16th Lok Sabha elections were held between 07-Apr-2014 to 16-May-2014 in 9 phases electing members of parliament for all 543 parliamentary constituencies of India.

Around 830,880,308 people were eligible to vote among which 437,035,372 were men, 397,018,915 were women and there were 17,453 electors from the third gender. Apart from this, the elections saw an average turnout of 65.93% whereas the total turnout for women was 65.54%.

A total of 8,250 candidates contested for 543 Lok Sabha seats out of whom 668 were women and 7,571 were men. BJP with Narendra Modi as its party leader managed to win the most number of seats,( 282 out of 543) by securing over 171,660,230 votes while INC with Rahul Gandhi as its party leader won 44 seats by securing 106,851,853 votes.

BJP went on to form the government with Narendra Modi as the 14th Prime Minister of India who assumed office after the previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from INC .

Party Performance

  • BJP
  • INC
  • ADMK
  • Others


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