Name: Ashok Gehlot

Political Party: Indian National Congress
DOB: DOB 3 May 1951
Spouse: Sunita Gehlot

Ashok Gehlot, a distinguished figure in Indian politics, has served as the Chief Minister of Rajasthan multiple times, with his first tenure beginning in 1998. Gehlot embarked on his political journey as a student leader in the early 1970s, demonstrating a robust commitment to the Indian National Congress (INC). His early experiences in the Congress youth organization paved the way for his ascension within the party ranks, highlighting his dedication and acumen in navigating the complexities of political leadership.

Throughout his career, Gehlot has been instrumental in shaping Rajasthan's political landscape. Known for his calm demeanor and strategic thinking, he has adeptly balanced party politics and governance. His role extends beyond state politics, having been a trusted advisor and a key strategist for the Congress party, influencing decision-making processes at both state and national levels.

Gehlot's political journey is notable for his tenure in various Union ministries. He has served under the cabinets of Prime Ministers Indira Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi, and Manmohan Singh, handling portfolios such as tourism, sports, civil aviation, and textiles. These roles underscored his versatility and capability in national governance, enhancing his reputation as a skilled administrator.

His leadership was particularly highlighted during challenging times like the COVID-19 pandemic. Gehlot's effective crisis management, through proactive measures to bolster the healthcare system and mitigate the pandemic's impact, earned him widespread admiration. His ability to lead through crisis further cemented his status as a capable leader.

However, Gehlot's tenure has been challenging. Internal party dynamics, especially his rift with Sachin Pilot, have posed significant hurdles. The tension between the two leaders has been a focal point in Rajasthan politics, affecting the party's cohesion and functionality. Pilot, a prominent Congress leader and former deputy chief minister has occasionally been at odds with Gehlot's policies and leadership style, leading to speculation about the party's stability in the state.

In addition to his political roles, Gehlot's background as the son of a magician has coloured his public persona, earning him the nickname "the magician of Rajasthan politics." His ability to navigate complex political situations and emerge with solutions is often likened to performing magic, a testament to his strategic finesse.

Gehlot's influence is also strongly felt in the Marwar region of Rajasthan, where he draws significant support from the Mali community, to which he belongs. This support base has been crucial in bolstering his political campaigns and initiatives. His connection with the community and his regional initiatives have led his supporters to dub him the "Gandhi of Marwar," reflecting his deep-rooted influence and respect in the area.

Throughout his terms as Chief Minister, Gehlot has launched several populist schemes, including providing free medicines to the public, which have been popular among the citizens and have helped improve healthcare accessibility in the state. As Rajasthan approaches future elections, Ashok Gehlot's leadership, experience, and strategies will be pivotal in determining the Congress party's prospects. 

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