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7 best exercises to keep your pets fit

7 best exercises to keep your pets fit
7 best exercises to keep your pets fit

New Delhi, April 22 (IANSlife) Now is really the time for pet-parents who have been taking it easy to get more involved with their pets fitness routine at home. One should not look at this as an unpleasant or demanding activity, rather a fun way to burn a few calories yourself while giving your pets the exercise they need.

In these times, many pet parents would now have been introduced to the "zoomies". Yes, this is when your pet runs around the house in a fit of craze, so to speak, and then collapse on their belly''s to take a breather! Seen more in pups, than older pets, this is your furry friend burning off extra, pent up energy. It is a sign that you need to get more involved in making their day more active.

Here are some activities you can safely undertake with your dog, regardless of age or breed, during the lock-down, suggested by Pet services'' aggregator PetKonnect''s Devanshi Shah.

Old dogs can learn new tricks: If you have not had the time to train your dog to perform various tricks till now, this is a good time to get started. A simple trick like shaking hands is an easy way to start. You can also get your pet to perform more impressive tasks like jumping through hoops, chasing bubbles or shaking to music with a little patience. Getting your pet to be obedient to verbal commands is the first step in teaching your dog a slew of tricks that can be mastered for life. Simple instructions like sit and stay, lie-down, or roll over, can be a beginning.

Obedience and mental games: This activity could not seem like exercise at the onset, but practicing recall, retrieving, and reinforcing basic commands offers mental stimulation, as well as exercise. You can also teach your dog fun new tricks. You can introduce new games that challenge your pup mentally. Take a treat or a small ball along with 3 upside down cups. Put the treat under one cup and then move them around and see if your pet can find the cup with the treat. At first pet''s might find this frustrating as it challenges their thinking, though once they get into it, they can''t get enough of it.

Hide-and-seek: A child hood favourite for many, this is a game you can easily introduce within the compounds of your home. You can train your dog to play this in-doors game by awarding them with a little treat when they find you. As mundane as the game may sound, it''s a good way to get a little activity within your home, while also training your dog to be more curious and outgoing by playing it. You can start by leaving a trail of treats leading to your hiding spot, and the more you pet plays the game, the more he will be on to the cues of what to do when you say ''hide and seek''.

DIY Toys: Heard about Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Toys? If your pet is looking bored, nothing like a new toy to cheer it up! Check out the Sock Toy: Do you have an old pair of socks that you don''t use? Here''s what you can do. You can stuff a water bottle inside the sock. Tie both ends of the sock with a twine but for longer use its best to hem both ends of the sock.

Indoor-fetch: Though quite self-explanatory, we do warn pet parents about not breaking things on the house.Your doggo may get very excited and run right through your favourite coffee mug.

Agility: This is usually an activity best practiced outdoors. However, at this time, with a little creativity you can recreate the setting within your home. Make your own agility course with common household goods. Things like broom handles, boxes, you kids'' hula-hoops, and ottomans. With these props you can so easily make your pet practice going around them, helping increase his keenness for activity and avoiding objects.

Treadmill: Have a treadmill at home? Of course, we advise great precaution here when first introducing your pet to the treadmill. When they get used it, they love it!

These activities will not only keep your pet fit and happy but get you moving about too! Make the most of this lockdown and unleash your creative side and grow your bond with your pet.

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