A Walk On The Wild Side At The Wildernest Nature Resort, Goa

A decade and half after it started operations, and having declared its 900 acres of forest a private sanctuary called Swapnagandha Valley, Wildernest has not only protected vital forests but has also succeeded in curbing wildlife poaching

Wildernest has a natural aesthetic and infrastructure that blends well with the location Photo: Wildernest

A "wildlife corridor" that allows for the free movement of large mammals like tigers, leopards and wild dogs, the Mahdei region is wedged between the tri-state boundaries of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The region is ecologically important but rich in minerals too—a dangerous trait for any forest. A trip to the region twenty years ago had prompted Captain Nitin Dhond, a merchant navy captain and o Managing Director today, to rescue it from the pressures of timber and mining lobbies and cash crop monoculture planters. His vision brought together a team of nature lovers and wildlife professionals, including Nirmal Kulkarni, a herpetologist and ecologist, to create a dream project that initiated environmentally-conscious tourism in Goa.