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Must Visit Lord Rama Temples Across India: Ram Navami 2024

As the devotees are prepared to celebrate the auspicious Ram Navami, here are a few must-visit temple destinations dedicated to Lord Ram.

Lord Ram's Temple

Ram Navami is the day prominently celebrated by the Hindus to celebrate the birth of Lord Ram, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, in the house of Kaushalya and King Dashrath. Lord Ram is known for his high values and virtues and thus holds the title of Maryada Purushottam.

Ram Navami is a vibrant celebration across India and this year, it will be celebrated on April 17, 2024.  The festival is marked with puja, offerings and a temple visit to Lord Ram. 

As the devotees are prepared to celebrate the auspicious Ram Navami, here are a few must-visit temple destinations dedicated to Lord Ram.

Ram Mandir, Ayodhya

The beautiful Ram Mandir of Ayodhya, built at the birthplace of Lord Ram holds a significant place in the hearts of devotees. Attracting thousands of devotees, the temple is built in Nagara style (North Indian architecture).

Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir is all lit up to host the devotees and allow them to make a darshan of Ram Lalla. After the consecration ceremony, this year, Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh) is supposed to witness the most devotees. This Ram Navami don’t forget to take the blessing of Ram Lalla to make your day.

  • Nearest Airport: Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport (Lucknow)/ Lal Bahadur Shashtri International Airport (Varanasi)

  • Nearest Railway Station: Ayodhya Junction.

Raja Ram Temple, Orchha (Madhya Pradesh)

Raja Ram Temple of Orchha is the only temple in the world where Lord Ram is worshipped as a King and not as a deity. The temple is also considered a revered site in Madhya Pradesh. The temple’s architecture looks like the palace (royal residence) of a king or queen.

The amazing fact about this temple is that in the evening Arti, Lord Ram, is given a gun salute by the guards. On the occasion of Ram Navami, thousands of devotees are all geared up to visit the beautiful temple.

  • Nearest Airport: Raja Bhoj, Bhopal Airport/ Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia, Airport

  • Nearest Railway Station: Bhopal Junction/Jhansi Railway Station.

Sita Ramachandra Swamy Temple, Bhadrachalam(Telangana)

Lord Sri Sita Ramchandra Swamy Temple is a revered site for Hindus and dedicated to Lord Ram and Sita. The temple is located on the bank of the Godavari temple. The temple’s architecture is an example of the Vijayanagara architectural style.

The temple witnesses thousands of devotees during Ram Navami and Vyakuntha Ekadashi. It is believed that Lord Ram stayed here during his exile period with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman.

  • Nearest Airport: Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad

  • Nearest Railway Station:  Hyderabad Junction.

Kanak Bhawan(Ayodhya)

The beautiful Kanak Bhawan is a must-visit temple, as it is believed that this temple was a gift to Sita Mata by Kaikayi (mother-in-law) after she married Lord Ram. The architecture resembles historical forts like Rajasthan and Bundelkhand.

This temple is also considered one of the religious sites and the home of Lord Ram and Sita. Every year, a lot of devotee pays a visit to this Bhawan and ask for good health and wealth.

  • Nearest Airport:  Chaudhary Charan Singh International Airport/ Lal Bahadur Shashtri International Airport (Varanasi)

  • Nearest Railway Station: Ayodhya Junction.

Thriprayar Sri Ramaswamy Temple, (Thrissur)Kerala

Thriprayar Sri Ramaswamy temple located in Thrissur (Kerala) is a precious and ancient holy site for the Hindus. The temple is dedicated to Lord Rama an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Ram is worshipped in the form of Sri Triparayarappan here.

According to some beliefs, Lord Krishna used to worship Lord Ram in the mythological city of Dwarka. Later, the idol of Lord Ram was found submerged in the sea, close to the current location of the temple. 

Kerala's rich traditional style, or Malabar style, is the architecture of the Triprayar, Sri Ram Temple. The temple celebrates the victory of Ram over Ravan in an annual event known as Ekadashi. Several devotees throng to the place only to get Ashirwad of Lord Ram or Sri Triparayarappan.

  • Nearest Airport: Thiruvananthapuram International Airport/Calicut International Airport

  • Nearest Railway Station: Kochi junction/Thrissur junction.

Raghunath Temple, Jammu

The ancient Raghunath Temple is dedicated to Lord Ram and is considered the largest shrine complex in Northern India. The temple’s architecture is influenced by the Mughals and consists of seven Hindu temples.  

The temple was attacked several times by the terrorists resulting in the death of several devotees. The temple holds a significant identity of Jammu and was built by Maharaja Gulab Singh in 1822.

It is noteworthy that there is a library inside the temple, which includes Sanskrit books, Manuscripts and religious books.

  • Nearest Airport: Jammu Civil Enclave

  • Nearest Railway Station:  Jammu-Tawi Railway Station.

While exploring the rich culture and traditions of this Ram Navami, just put these beautiful sacred temples in your bucket list. Don’t forget to take the blessing of Lord Ram and visit these temples for a sacred journey.