Friday, Sep 17, 2021

Learning Among Fear And Suspicion

Aug 18, 2021 Saikat Majumdar

What we have is a long-drawn situation of conflict between the fundamental interests of society. Reopening is going to be a long and uneven process, filled with fear and suspicion, more for some than for others.

Will Migrant Students Continue To Face Covid Racism?

Jul 28, 2021 Saikat Majumdar

Students from the Northeast have seen new waves of clinical racial bias in other parts of India. Will students from India face racial prejudice overseas this fall? In an altered, fearful world, what does it mean for racism against students?

What Will The Cancellation Of Board Exams Mean For College And Beyond?

Abruptly, the pandemic-induced cancellation of exams has pushed us towards the terrain of the future, where the importance of board exam results in college admission decisions will continue to diminish.

Teachers Who Didn’t Get Enough Time To Teach, Just Enough To Die

Jun 23, 2021 Saikat Majumdar

In a plague year, what does it mean for a schoolteacher to be the foot solider for the election? Our poorest children have long paid the price of their teachers’ state-mandated absence. Now many of these teachers have paid the price with their lives.

A Plea For Humane, Pandemic-Sensitive Schools

When school resumes, let’s not go back to our usual obsession with exams and syllabus. Let’s acknowledge the catastrophe around us and make it part of our children’s experience of growth, learning, and mental health.

19 April, 2021

Engineering: The Great Betrayal Of A Revered Discipline

Saikat Majumdar

Removing mathematics, physics and chemistry as a basic pre-condition for an engineering course is a short-sighted measure that dilutes and erodes the discipline.

06 April, 2021

Teaching In The Time Of Protest

Saikat Majumdar

Those who know the slim volume know what a unique text it is – a polemical, novelistic essay, an unforgettable manifesto from an age of sinewy manifestos, one of the most influential credos of feminism and pacifism are known to humanity.

06 March, 2021

The Child-Soldiers Of Protest

Saikat Majumdar

How has the farmers’ protest movement affected our schools? How are our youngest students shouldering its burdens?

10 February, 2021

Who Gets More College, And Who Gets Less?

Saikat Majumdar

For all its good intentions, the NEP’s multiple-entry options for college will only further deepen the sharp education apartheid that defines our nation.

30 December, 2020

How 2020 Took Away Childhood From The Nation’s Poorest And Most Vulnerable Children

Saikat Majumdar

For children from India’s poorest families, a lost year of learning has been the least of their losses. School closure has meant the loss of safe spaces, daily nourishment, and the very experience of childhood.

20 December, 2020

Teaching Creativity In A Year Of Sickness

Saikat Majumdar

What does it mean to be creative after a year that robbed so much life and reality away? Will it be possible to inspire it in students?

07 December, 2020

My Fiction Explores The Repressive Nature Of Our Education System: Saikat Majumdar

Sohana Manzoor

Dr Saikat Majumdar discusses his novel-writing process, the crisis in the liberal arts field and shares his thoughts on creative writing.

04 December, 2020

A Reduced CBSE Syllabus: Boon Or Bane For Students?

Saikat Majumdar

Will the reduction of syllabus this year make students less prepared for the subsequent stages of their career?

29 October, 2020

What Would The Presidential Election Results Mean For US Higher Education?

Saikat Majumdar

The financial sponsors of the US University and its higher administration have often been right-leaning, sometimes reactionary.

14 October, 2020

Do We Need A New Value-System For Professional Survival In A Post-Pandemic World?

Saikat Majumdar

It will be a different universe. We will need an altered sense of values – new personal qualities that will be indispensable in the post-pandemic world of professions.

30 September, 2020

What Is The Future Of The American Ph.D?

Saikat Majumdar

Will the Covid-enforced shrinkage of doctoral cohorts have an impact on this question looming over Ph.D. programs in the US? What will happen with doctoral admissions in 2022 and beyond?

09 September, 2020

The Inequitable Labours Of The Pandemic

Saikat Majumdar

Our identities are remarkably fluid – oppressed one moment, oppressor the next. But it is those exploited by all systems of power – as ‘intersecting systems of oppression’ – whose complaints will be the least heard, because they may not even be voiced.

04 September, 2020

'We Will Come Out Of This Stronger': Saikat Majumdar On Teaching In Times Of Pandemic

Outlook Web Bureau

A Teacher's Day chat with professor and education columnist, Saikat Majumdar.

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Heavy traffic jam on Delhi- Gurugram expressway at Gurugram- Delhi border due to barricading by Delhi Police, in the view of Shiromani Akali Dal workers and farmers' protests, near Sirhaul Toll Plaza in Gurugram.

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Jharkhand BJP President Deepak Prakash during the launch of 'Seva aur Samarpan Abhiyan', on the occasion of the 71st birthday of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, at BJP headquarters in Ranchi,

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Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi attends the 42nd GST Council meeting, in Lucknow.

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Sep 13, 2021 Seema Guha

Rising Challenges Of Plagiarism In The Era Of Online Education

It can be a crucial stepping stone to develop young minds to appreciate the importance of practising honesty throughout their academic journey and lay the foundations for successful professional careers.

Sep 12, 2021 Chaitali Moitra

Vaccine Mandates Harm Long-Term Public Health

One can be pro-religion, but against coerced religion; one can be pro-vaccines, but against coercion and mandates

Sep 12, 2021 Kameswari Chebrolu

Why School In ‘The Cloud’ Will Be Our New Normal

We can do anything with the Cloud. Buy and sell, eat, cook, get our clothes, houses, cars, watch movies, read books, listen to music, talk, write, communicate, ask, create, teach, learn, heal…. Schools must prepare children for this world.

Sep 12, 2021 Sugata Mitra