Vikram Chatwal

'Eyes On The Ball Now' An old sports adage reasons that neither talent nor heart can be coached. What, if not the innate abundance of both, explains Padma Lak­s­hmi's ability to nab bill­ionaires on the rebound? Vikram Chatwal ought to shake off that Dream state.

Getty Images (From Outlook 28 January 2013)

The Day After Man Seeding a party circuit fixture reputation is easy. Cultivating it is not, as US hotelier Vikram Chatwal could tell you. There are pros, sure, like dating lingerie model Angela Lindvall, but a life of partyin’ hard takes its toll on one’s bearing.

Fotocorp (From Outlook, April 02, 2012)

The Warm Smell Of Paranthas When the nearly five-year, $300 million labour of love that is Vikram Chatwal’s Dream Downtown hotel in NYC opened, an inauguration-to-talk-about was in the forecast. And a soiree with stilt walkers and mermaids is anything but forgettable.

Mohd. Jaffar/Snapsindia