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Hamid Ansari

Government Faces Embarrassment, Rajya Sabha Protests No Invite To Vice-President Ansari

Aug 01, 2017 Outlook Web Bureau

The chair passed strictures against the government for not inviting Vice President Hamid Ansari for the inauguration of a new annexe complex of Parliament.

'Diversity Is An Existential Reality'

Jun 01, 2016 Hamid Ansari

Full text of Vice President Hamid Ansari's speech at the Mohammed V University in Rabat, Morocco, on the presumptions of Muslim cultural homogeneity.

'SC Could Clarify Contours For Secularism & Composite Culture'

Full text of Vice President Hamid Ansari's speech at the 16th Convocation of University of Jammu

'Tactics To Suppress Dissent Diminish Democratic Essence'

Sep 24, 2015 Hamid Ansari

Vice President Hamid Ansari's address at the first Ram Manohar Lohia memorial national lecture at Gwalior.

'State's Deprivation, Exclusion & Discrimination Of Muslims'

Vice President Hamid Ansari's speech at the Inauguration of the All India Majlis-E- Mushawarat Golden Jubilee.

10 June, 2014

'A Communicator Of Ideas'

Hamid Ansari

That's how Khwaja Ahmad Abbas described himself. Who was he? Why was he what he was? What social and ideological impulses motivated him? Why is his vision of continuing relevance?

05 November, 2013

Identity And Citizenship

Hamid Ansari

Instead of a narrow concept of a singular identity implied by the classical concept of citizenship, the need is to recognise and accommodate the existence of a plurality of social identities.

24 September, 2012

'When We Introspect, We Need To Be Candid'

Hamid Ansari

'Did we slacken in our quest for quality? Have we kept pace with the changing requirements, nationally and internationally?'

15 June, 2012
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee and Congress party president Sonia Gandhi pose for the media after Mukherjee’s name was nominated for the post president during an UPA meeting, in New Delhi.

Calcutta Corner

Dola Mitra

Hindsight would perhaps tell Mamata that her public snub to the PM, the FM, the VP and Congress President may actually have left the Congress with no option but to officially announce Mr Pranab Mukherjee's name

13 June, 2012

Caught In A Bind

B. Raman

Mamata and Mulayam, by publicly proposing their presidential candidates, have confronted the Congress with two cruel alternatives both of which could cause it a loss of face

22 February, 2012

The Unknowable

Hamid Ansari

The Vice President's address at the Birth Centenary celebrations of Sachidananda Hiranand Vatsyayan ‘Agyeya’ (March 7, 1911 – April 4, 1987) PLUS documentaries and recitals

12 July, 2011

A Fine Balance

Hamid Ansari

The Constitution maintains a delicate balance between the centre and the states, which is dynamic and evolving and it is confronted with many challenges in this period of great change

08 July, 2010

Increasing Representativeness

Hamid Ansari

'In the past five General Elections the number of winning candidates who secured 50 percent or more of the valid votes polled has varied between 121 and 221; it was 121 in 2009'.

06 April, 2010

'Considerate To The Pardesi But Indifferent To Pardes'

Hamid Ansari

'The study of international affairs in our country is episodic, emotive and inadequate, propelled much too often by a propensity to conform rather than be driven by the logic of evidence'

19 January, 2010

'Ensure Oversight And Accountability'

Hamid Ansari

'There is no reason why a democratic system like ours should not have a Standing Committee of Parliament on intelligence'

29 April, 2009

Rust On Steel

Hamid Ansari

The civil servants have often enough succumbed to the temptation of tailoring professionally sound advice to subjective considerations. Is not dishonesty of the mind as dangerous as monetary or pecuniary dishonesty? This lack of intellectual and prof

22 November, 2007

'Its (US) Intentions Are Suspected'

Hamid Ansari

The U.S. has been mauled by non-state actors in Iraq; its policies have given an impetus to terrorism; it has lost domestic support for its Iraq policy; its unpopularity levels are alarmingly high in Arab and Muslim countries...

26 July, 2007

Scholar, Statesman, Gentleman

Arundhati Ghose

Not just a 'bhadralok', he is also a man of firm and strong views and an impartiality of spirit, articulate and self deprecating, a warm and loyal friend. For once, one salutes those who had the discrimination to select him to uphold the honour of th

Photo Gallery

This photo shows aftermath of a looted street in Honiara's Chinatown, Solomon Islands. Violence receded in the capital of the Solomon Islands, but the government showed no signs of addressing the underlying grievances...

AP Photo/Piringi Charley

Vehicles move on a road as smog envelops the historical Badshahi mosque and the surrounding area of Lahore, Pakistan. People of Lahore and adjacent areas are suffering from respiratory problems because of poor air...

AP Photo/K.M. Chaudary

A resident walks past an old district in Beijing, China.

AP Photo/Ng Han Guan

Tobias Mueller of Germany falls while competing with Johannes Aujesky of Austria during the small final in men's ski cross during the FIS Ski Cross World Cup, a test event for the 2022 Winter Olympics, at the Genting...

AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein

Protestors take to the streets of Burkina Faso's capital Ouagadougou calling for President Roch Marc Christian Kabore to resign. The protest comes after the deadliest attack in years against the security forces in the...

AP Photo/Sophie Garcia

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Every act of dissent is an art. Of pain and pathos. Of hope and new dawn. It’s their story. It’s everyone’s story.


Farm Law Repeal Has Given New Life To Idea Of Protest In India

Dissent is less about material gains than the intangibles they leave us with.

Farm Law Repeal Has Given New Life To Idea Of Protest In India

Manual Scavengers

An ‘Untouchable’ Story: My Life As A Protest

For India’s manual scavengers, mere existence is a protest, because they need to fight just to reclaim their humanity and dignity.

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An ‘Untouchable’ Story: My Life As A Protest


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While everyone is going gaga over actress Katrina Kaif in the revamped version of 'Tip Tip Barsa Pani', the replacement of Raveena Tandon does point towards the problem of sexism and ageism in the Indian film industry

Nov 17, 2021 Yashika Mathur

T20 World Cup 2021 Analysis: David Warner And Mitchell Marsh - Tale Of Two Comebacks

Australia winning the T20 World Cup for the first time has been timely as they host the next edition at their own backyard in 2022.

Nov 15, 2021 Arijit Ghosh

Education In India During Covid-19: Challenges Faced And Solutions For A Post-Pandemic Era

As per the Observer Research Foundation, close to 250 million children in India were adversely affected due to school closures due to the early lockdowns imposed by the government in response to Covid-19.

Nov 11, 2021 Shekhar Mehta

T20 World Cup Review: Jaded By An Excess Of Cricket, India Were On An Inevitable Path To Doom

India's cricket administrators showed more drive to boost BCCI's coffers rather than take care of players' welfare during pandemic times.

Nov 08, 2021 Arijit Ghosh