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Pranay Sharma

Magazine | Dec 22, 2017

‘With No Moral Code, There Will Be Total Chaos’

Can religion and God be blamed for the violence that has become rampant in different parts

Magazine | Dec 15, 2017

Time To Cross The Bridge

Immigrants issue will lay a new path, but bilateral ties cannot afford to tilt

Magazine | Nov 24, 2017

The Slow Aarohan Of A Morning Raga

Finally, Rahul Gandhi’s anointment as Congress chief is imminent. Sights set on 2019, his task is

Magazine | Nov 16, 2017

Al Saud’s Bid To Widen Persia’s Gulf

Behind the recent Saudi exertions lies a visceral hatred for Iran. A regional grouping takes shape

Magazine | Nov 16, 2017

Colonial Gift Of Crown & Map

Formally founded in 1932, the journey of the House of Al Saud towards power began in

Magazine | Nov 09, 2017

As Diagonals Reach Out To Four Corners

The proposed four-nation Asia-Pacific quadrilateral has soft edges still. An expanding China can rest easy.

Magazine | Nov 03, 2017

Talking About, Talking With Kashmir

Now that convulsions on Kashmir’s streets have subsided, the Centre makes a careful bid for talks,

Magazine | Oct 20, 2017

What He said Was In The Past

Trump’s volte face on Pakistan startles India. But impetuosity apart, harder realities may have forced the

Magazine | Oct 13, 2017

RaGa Road To Gujarat Navsurgence

Rahul hits BJP with slowdown and scandal with faultless timing, but can it be termed a

Magazine | Oct 05, 2017

Ain’t No Terrorist

Caught between geo-politics and race, defining ‘terrorism’ is a slippery terrain

Website | Oct 25, 2017

We Do Have A 'Dog' In The Ongoing Shia-Sunni Fight In West-Asia, Says Israeli Minister Michael Oren

'Iran threatens to destroy us and also these Arab regimes and dynasties. There is

Website | Oct 02, 2017

If US Loses Important Indian Contracts, The Arms Lobby Will Be Upset And May Endanger Indo-US Relations: Larry Pressler

Larry Pressler, the 75-year Republican politician from South Dakota, popularly known as 'Delhi's man

Website | Apr 05, 2017

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina To Honour 1661 Indian Soldiers Who Fought in 1971 Liberation War

Despite India playing a role in Bangladesh’s Liberation, many Bangladeshis are not aware of

Website | Mar 22, 2017

Banning Gadgets On Flights Will Certainly Create Confusion. Can It Also Prevent Terrorist Strikes?

To carry or not to: Ever-growing list of banned items on flights adds to

Website | Mar 20, 2017

Bangladesh Looks Up To PM Modi For Teesta River Agreement Ahead Of Sheikh Hasina’s Visit to India

Will Modi be able to deliver on Teesta convincing West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata

Website | Feb 20, 2017

Swachh Rwanda, A Lesson For India

Nowhere along the beautifully laid out streets and pavements are there signs of trash

Website | Feb 07, 2017

Global Biggies Unite Against Masood But China Stays Away From Gang

US, UK and France move UN to ban JeM chief but China sticks to

Website | Feb 06, 2017

Weekend Developments Raise Hope Of Early India-Pakistan Rapprochement

The India-Pakistan dialogue has been stalled for several months following a series of terror

Website | Jan 24, 2017

'Terrorism Is Terrorism; There Are No Grey Areas,' Says UAE's Minister Of State For Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash

In an exclusive interview to Outlook, Anwar Gargash says his country is highly aware

Website | Jan 08, 2017

America After Trump

Few President-elects of the United States have caused as much consternation around the world