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Pranay Sharma

100 Days Of Modi 2.0: Amid Indo-China Standoff, Diplomacy Emerges To Be Key Factor For Days Ahead

May 30, 2020 Pranay Sharma

Developments along the LAC, where a face-off continues between Indian and Chinese soldiers, has somewhat affected the Modi government’s success at the diplomatic front.

India’s Rejection To Trump's Offer To Broker Peace With China Stems From Its Past Experiences

May 29, 2020 Pranay Sharma

India, whose views are sought by others on the key challenges facing the world, can now hardly be expected to fall back on another country to resolve an issue that it sees essentially as a bilateral one.

What Can Stop Indo-China Spats To Recur? Diplomatic Channels And Clarification of LAC May Hold Solutions

With the Chinese soldiers having clearly intruded a few kilometres into India-held positions, how can the stand-off be resolved without either side having to eat the humble pie?

Ladakh Flare-up Symptomatic Of Chinese Ambitions On India

May 26, 2020 Pranay Sharma

The build-up at the border—triggered by aggressive posturing and ‘transgressions’ by soldiers of the PLA into the Indian side of the LAC—coincides with a marked rise in anti-China feelings in India in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis.

Did China Play A Part In India-Nepal Rift? It's Time India Opt For Diplomatic Route To Resolve Border Dispute

How politics in Nepal might pan out in the coming days may not be in India’s control. But Delhi must reclaim the primacy of place it enjoyed for decades among the Nepali political leaders, as well as the people of the country.

16 April, 2020

Trump's Decision To Freeze WHO Funding Nothing Unusual, Another Attempt To Divert Attention From Covid-19 Criticism

Pranay Sharma

The American President has been showing signs of growing nervousness in the face of widespread criticism on the COVID-19 issue in an election year.

10 April, 2020

The Wise Men Of Democratic Party Finally Seem To Have Got The Better Of Bernie Sanders. Or Did They?

Pranay Sharma

Sanders’ radical list of demands, like writing off trillion dollars’ worth of student and medical loans, had set off alarm bells through much of the Democratic party establishment.

07 April, 2020

For Allowing Export Of Hydroxychloroquine, India Deserves Applause, Not Criticism

Pranay Sharma

The decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to share the drug with other countries in a crisis-situation like this, wherein a large number of people are dying every day, is commendable, writes Pranay Sharma.

05 April, 2020

PM Modi's Call To Prez Trump Affirms India-US Are Together In Fight Against COVID-19

Pranay Sharma

The US is the worst hit country with nearly 300,000 cases and 8000 deaths, over 3,500 of them in New York alone.

02 April, 2020

Kabul Gurdwara Attack: Bringing Back Sikhs Could Damage Indo-Afghan Ties

Pranay Sharma

Experts feel Delhi should not bring back the minority Sikh community as it would only demoralise the Afghan government and further polarise the fractious society.

30 March, 2020

Rebranding China In The Time Of Coronavirus

Pranay Sharma

The move to blame China for the current mess the world finds itself in began in the United States with President Donald Trump’s critical public utterances.

27 March, 2020

Coronavirus: Amid Lockdown, Many Countries Face Challenges To Repatriate Their Citizens

Pranay Sharma

This is not a panic reaction to any particular development in the country or a comment on the government’s handling of the situation. It is a global exercise on the instruction of the US State department.

26 March, 2020

Kabul Gurdwara Attack: A Pakistani Attempt To Rupture Strong Indo-Afghan Ties

Pranay Sharma

With the United States getting into exit-mode to leave the country and paving the way for an eventual Taliban-take over, India seems to be the last viable backer for the Afghan government of Ashraf Ghani.

25 March, 2020

Naming Covid-19 After China Could Seriously Damage The Global Battle Against Coronavirus

Pranay Sharma

Engaging in blame-game at this juncture could only lead to division at a time when there is a collective attempt to face the biggest challenge a globalised world has faced so far.

18 March, 2020

PM Modi Praises Bangladesh For 'Inclusive' Policies, But It's Time More BJP Leaders Took His Lead

Pranay Sharma

Modi was scheduled to travel to Bangladesh on a two-day visit from March 17 to participate in the “Jatir Pita”-- Mujibur Rahman’s birth centenary celebration programme -- but his trip was cancelled because of the coronavirus outbreak.

15 March, 2020

In Bangladesh, Protest Against PM Modi On Hold, Only Until He Pays A Visit

Pranay Sharma

The communists, the Islamist group Hefazat-e-Islam and sections of students had held a series of protests in Dhaka and other Bangladeshi cities this month to express displeasure with the BJP-led government in India in the wake of the Delhi riots.

23 February, 2020

Donald Trump's Spectacle-Laden Visit To India Will Forge Stronger Indo-US Bond

Pranay Sharma

Trump's decision to come to India without being assured that a trade deal will be on the table shows the value he gives to the country and PM Modi.

20 February, 2020

Pakistan Unlikely To Be Put On FATF 'Blacklist' Despite Failing To Implement Agreed Action Plan

Pranay Sharma

The hype notwithstanding, Pakistan is unlikely to be put in the “blacklist” of the Financial Action Task Force in the foreseeable future, writes Pranay Sharma.

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Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra outside her bungalow at Chharabra near Shimla.

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Congress President Soniya Gandhi enjoys the pleasant weather outside the bungalow at Chharabra in Shimla.

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Waterlogged railway tracks due to heavy rain, near Tikiapara Railway Station in Howrah district.

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Students attend a class at a school that reopened after ease in COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, in Sangli.

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