Floods, Heatwaves And More: Asia Faces Brunt Of Climate Change

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Asia Most Affected By Climate Change: WMO

Amid the era of global boiling, Asia was the region most affected by Climate change. As per the World Meteorological Organisation, Asia as a continent faced the brunt of the climate crisis.

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Asia Warming Faster Than Global Average

As per WMO, Asia has been warming faster than the global average. As per the UN agency's report, Asia witnesses temperature rises averaging nearly two degrees Celsius above the 1961 average.

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Floods, Storms Main Cause of Damage

WMO also estimated that floods and storms were the main cause of causalities and economic damage in 2023.

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2023 Hottest Year On Record For Asian Countries

The UN agency also added that many countries in Asia experienced their hottest year on record, which were accompanied by extreme conditions such as floods, heatwaves and droughts.

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79 Weather Disasters Reported From Asia In 2023

As per WMO Chief Celeste Saulo, Asia reported 79 water-related weather disasters in 2023, of which 80 percent were floods and storms.

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Floods Across Pakistan, China, Russia And More

Several countries such as Pakistan, China, Russia, India and most recently Dubai experienced flash floods, which caused damage to buildings and infrastructure. In extreme cases, floods also claimed several lives.

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Mountains Losing Mass Due To Rising Temperatures

WMO also observed that due to the high temperatures and dry conditions, the mountain region in Asia are losing significant mass.

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