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10 Best Trolley Bags from Top Brands in India (2024)

If you frequently travel, having reliable luggage is essential. In this article, we've curated the best trolley bags from top brands, ensuring your journeys are hassle-free and effortless. Travel with confidence with our recommendations.

10 Best Trolley Bags from Top Brands in India (2024)

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As you plan your upcoming business trip or vacations, selecting the best luggage bag becomes crucial for a seamless travel experience. The right suitcase can make all the difference, ensuring your journey is not only comfortable but also efficient. 

A top-tier suitcase should check several boxes. It needs to be effortlessly manoeuvrable, gliding beside you as you navigate the rough bustling airports or winding streets. It should offer ample space for all your essentials, from clothing to gadgets, without compromising on organisation. Compactness is key, especially for those moments when storage space is limited, while lightweight construction eases the burden of carrying.

Moreover, durability is non-negotiable. Your luggage must withstand the rigours of travel, enduring bumps, drops, and the occasional mishandling with grace. After all, you're entrusting it with your belongings, and peace of mind comes from knowing your suitcase can handle whatever the journey throws its way.

Our comprehensive guide explores a range of suitcases, catering to the diverse needs of travellers. So, as you gear up for your next adventure, let our expert recommendations guide you in selecting the best trolley bags ensuring that every step of your journey is met with comfort, convenience, and confidence.

Types of trolley bags available in India

  • Hardshell Trolley Bags: Durable and protective, these bags are ideal for long trips or when you need extra protection for your belongings.

  • Spinner Trolley Bags: Featuring four wheels that can rotate 360 degrees, these bags offer effortless manoeuvrability in any direction.

  • Rolling Duffel Bags: Combining the convenience of a duffel bag with the ease of rolling wheels, these bags are versatile and spacious.

  • Cabin Trolley Bags: Sized to fit in the overhead compartment, these bags are suitable for short trips or as a carry-on.

  • Kids' Trolley Bags: Designed with fun designs and smaller sizes, these bags are perfect for young travellers.

Important aspects to keep in mind when selecting the right luggage or trolley bag.

  • Size and Capacity: Consider the length and nature of your trips to determine the right size and capacity of the luggage. A carry-on size is suitable for short trips, while larger bags are ideal for longer journeys or if you tend to pack more.

  • Weight: Opt for lightweight luggage, especially if you plan to carry it for extended periods. This helps avoid excess baggage fees and makes it easier to manoeuvre.

  • Durability: Look for sturdy materials and quality construction to ensure your luggage withstands the rigours of travel. Features like reinforced corners and strong zippers can enhance durability.

  • Wheels and Handles: Choose luggage with smooth-rolling wheels and ergonomic handles for easy manoeuvrability. Spinner wheels offer greater flexibility and ease of movement.

  • Organisation: Consider the internal organisation of the luggage, such as compartments, pockets, and straps, to keep your belongings organised and secure during travel.

  • Security Features: Look for luggage with built-in locks or TSA-approved locks to secure your belongings. Some bags also offer RFID-blocking pockets for added security.

Style and Design: Choose a bag that reflects your personal style and preferences. Whether you prefer a classic look or a more modern design, select a bag that suits your aesthetic taste.

The criterias we took into account when selecting these options for you

  • Quality Assurance: We meticulously assessed the materials used in crafting each bag to ensure durability and longevity, guaranteeing that your investment stands the test of time.

  • Performance Consideration: Our selection process took into account factors such as manoeuvrability, storage capacity, weight distribution, and ease of use to ensure optimal performance in various travel scenarios.

  • Brand Reliability: We focused on renowned brands with a proven track record of excellence in luggage manufacturing, offering peace of mind regarding product reliability and customer support.

  • Customer Feedback: Extensive analysis of customer reviews and feedback provided valuable insights into real-world experiences, allowing us to recommend luggage options that consistently meet or exceed user expectations.

  • Price Evaluation: Balancing quality and affordability, we carefully evaluated the price-to-value ratio of each option to ensure you receive the best possible return on your investment without compromising on essential features or performance.

  • Warranty Coverage: Luggage options offering comprehensive warranty coverage were given preference, providing an added layer of protection and assurance against potential manufacturing defects or issues.

Here's a list of best trolley bags from top brands in India


With this Safari Pentagon Check-in Luggage Suitcase you can experience smooth and effortless travel  given its stylish and lightweight design. Made from textured, scratch-resistant polypropylene, this medium sized luggage bag features a durable shell that protects your belongings from mishandling. With 360-degree wheels and a fixed combination lock, manoeuvring through airports is a breeze. Its 78L capacity and water and rust resistant make it suitable for both business and leisure travel. Plus, backed by a 3-year international warranty, you can trust in its reliability.


  • Price: 2,249 (MRP 9,890 77% Off)

  • Brand: Safari 

  • Material: Textured Polypropylene

  • Lock: Fixed Combination

  • Wheels: 4-Wheel Maneuverability

  • Capacity: 78L

  • Weight: 3.4 kg

  • Dimensions: 66x47x28 cm



Lightweight and smooth wheels

Lock may malfunction 

strong construction

Handle is thin and fragile 

Black finish gives a classy look

Generous packing capacity 

Water and dust proof 

User’s Review: "To my surprise this bag is really good. The black finish is smooth which gives the bag a classy look. The wheels are smooth and easy to rotate. The telescopic handle provided is really easy to use. Cost wise also this bag is affordable plus you get a reputed brand like Safari and a warranty. It is spacious enough to accommodate luggage of at least 6 to 8 days for one person."

Why it's worth buying: With 2K recent purchases on Amazon, this luggage is proven popular. Its affordability makes it a compelling choice for savvy travellers.


Upgrade your travel experience with Uppercase Bullet Large 74cm Check-in Trolley Bag. This hardsided luggage boasts anti-scratch resilience and 8-wheel manoeuvrability for seamless transit. Featuring TSA lock and anti-theft zippers, it ensures security, while its cushioned interior and shock-absorbing lugs protect your belongings. With in-built laundry compartments and customizable handle height, it offers convenience and comfort for every journey. Plus, backed by a 2000-day warranty, it's a reliable choice for eco-conscious travellers due to its sustainable practices in production.


  • Price: 5,459 (MRP 7,600 28% Off)

  • Brand: Uppercase 

  • Size: Large

  • Material: Eco Polycarbonate

  • Wheels: 8 Wheels

  • Lock: TSA Lock

  • Warranty: 2000 Days

  • Dimensions: 54x32x74 cms



Durable eco-friendly material

Lock functionality could be improved 

Spacious interior with multiple compartments

Shock-absorbing lugs

Smooth and easy to manage 

Well though finish and lock design

Lightweight with sturdy handle

User’s Review: "It has a robust body & zip, both halves zipped flap covers making it very convenient for stuffing things and iron clothes. Both halves have stretchable handles on top and side. All these unique features are user friendly. Rolls smoothly with around 23 kg load. No hassles in my visit abroad with this sturdy suitcase."

Why it's worth buying: With a 4.2-star rating on Amazon, it's worth buying for its convenient features, ensuring a reliable and stylish travel experience.


The American Tourister Liftoff Large Check-in Polypropylene Hard Sided Luggage offers durable construction with impact-resistant polypropylene and reinforced design, ensuring reliability during transit. Its double spinner wheels provide smooth sliding, while the fixed three-digit combination lock enhances security. Fully lined interiors with tie-down straps keep belongings organised, and vibrant colours add a stylish touch. Backed by a 3-year global warranty, travel worry-free with this airline-compliant suitcase.


  • Price: 4,499 (MRP 9,800 54% Off)

  • Brand: American Tourister

  • Size: 79 cms

  • Wheels: Double Spinner

  • Material: Polypropylene

  • Lock: Three-Digit Combination

  • Warranty: 3 Years

  • Colour: Apple Green



Lightweight and smooth wheels 

Does not have a TSA lock

Stylish colour options

Bag is little narrow in width 

Large capacity 

Excellent and performance 

Strong and robust construction 

User’s Review: "Bag capacity is good enough. You can even take 20 kg of stuff in it . Looking durable. Light then other companies. You can have more cloth/ other utility during flight."

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its durable construction and smooth manoeuvrability, backed by Amazon's choice and a commendable 4.1-star rating.


Travel effortlessly and in style with the Skybags Trooper 55 cms Small Cabin ABS Hardsided Luggage. Build from durable and scratch-resistant ABS material, this lightweight trolley bag ensures sturdiness and impact resistance. With smooth 360-degree wheels and an adjustable trolley handle, navigating through busy airports is a breeze. The 3-digit combination lock provides enhanced security, while spacious interiors and compression straps offer ample storage space. Backed by a 5-year international warranty, this luggage guarantees hassle-free travels.


  • Price: 2.749 (MRP 6,825 60% Off)

  • Brand: Skybags 

  • Material: ABS

  • Wheels: 4 Spinner

  • Lock: 3-digit Combination

  • Size: 55 cms

  • Warranty: 5 Years



Ample storage space

May scratch easily 

Trendy print makes it easy to spot

Lock mechanism could be smoother

Adjustable handle and smooth rolling wheels 

Durable and sturdy construction 

Light in weight and compact in size 

User’s Review: "Alright so I waited to write a review after my trip. Travelling the whole two weeks with not a problem encountered considering wheels or quality. Although I feel like the handles can be made a little more thick but overall go for it. For Real!"

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its style, backed by 21000+ Amazon ratings averaging 4.2 stars, showcasing its impressive and stellar reputation.


Mokobara is now one of the leading brands in the travel and luggage industry, known for its steadfast quality and innovative designs. The Transit Luggage is a prime example of their commitment to excellence. Crafted from indestructible German Makrolon poly-carbonate, this medium-sized suitcase is not only durable but also lightweight, making it ideal for travel. The suitcase features 8 silent Hinomoto wheels for effortless manoeuvrability and a TSA-approved lock for added security. With a 3-year warranty, the Transit Luggage is designed to meet all your travel needs while keeping your belongings safe and secure.


  • Price: 6,999 (MRP 13,999 50% Off)

  • Brand: Mokobara

  • Material: German Makrolon poly-carbonate

  • Size: 64 cm

  • Weight: 3.6 kg

  • Capacity: 65 litres

  • Wheels: 8 Hinomoto

  • Lock: TSA-approved




May be heavy when fully packed

Ample storage space

Easily gets scratched 

Premium gloss texture

Smooth silent wheels

Durable and lightweight 

TSA-approved lock

User’s Review: "Compared with other makes, Mokobara just gives us the best of our requirements. The product is not only eye-catching, but also very sturdy and best used for a vacation up to 10 days or even little more. The lock system, the zip and the wheels are awesome. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone."

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its durable, lightweight design and premium features. Amazon's choice with a high rating for reliability.


The Aristocrat Harbour 66 Cms Medium Check-in Luggage is crafted from durable PP shell for extra strength and longevity. With duplex wheels and a superior silver trolley, it offers smooth manoeuvring and enhanced durability. The fixed combination lock ensures added security, while the soft cushioned handle provides a comfortable grip. With a 60L capacity and adjustable packaging straps, this luggage provides ample space for hassle-free travel. Backed by a 7-year warranty, it's an ideal choice for any journey.


  • Price: 2,327 (MRP 10,325 78% Off)

  • Brand: Aristocrat 

  • Material: PP shell

  • Wheels: Duplex wheels

  • Lock: Combination lock

  • Capacity: 60L

  • Handle: Cushioned handle

  • Warranty: 7 years



Added security with combination lock

No built-in TSA lock

Adjustable packaging straps

Lack of exterior pockets

Comfortable handle grip

Spacious interior

Strong built quality 

User’s Review: "I am indeed very happy about the product I have received and also I got it at a very reasonable price . Trust me, it is light weight and looks even better in reality. Go for it."

Why it's worth buying: It's worth buying because it's a durable, well-designed suitcase trusted by over 600+ recent Amazon customers just last month, earning it the Amazon Choice badge.

Wenger's Cote D'Azure ABS Large Hardside Suitcase embodies Swiss precision and style. Made from durable ABS material, it features a sophisticated curved-ridge design with a scuff-resistant surface. The 96-litre capacity and expandable feature offer ample space for extended trips, while the TSA-compatible combination lock ensures security. With an aluminium trolley handle and 8 smooth-rolling wheels, navigating busy airports is effortless. With a 5-year warranty, it's the epitome of functionality in travel gear.


  • Price: 8.250 (MRP 16,500 50% Off)

  • Brand: Wenger

  • Material: ABS

  • Wheels: 8 Hinomoto

  • Lock: TSA Combination

  • Capacity: 96 Litres

  • Weight: 4.75 kg

  • Dimensions: 53x77.5x31 cm



Scuff-resistant design

May be heavy when fully packed

Expands for extra packing space

Pricey compared to others

Large storage space 

Lightweight and durable

Stylish and sophisticated design


The VIP Zorro Strolley 55Cm Trolley Bag is a travel companion designed for both men and women. Built from durable polycarbonate, it features a TSA lock for added security. With 360° spinner wheels, this bag offers easy manoeuvrability. The spacious interior includes organised compartments and pockets, ensuring all your essentials are neatly stored and easily accessible. Trust VIP Industries, a renowned brand known for quality to deliver a durable and stylish travel solution.


  • Price: 5,000 (MRP 10,000 50% Off)

  • Brand: VIP 

  • Material: Polycarbonate

  • Lock: TSA Lock

  • Wheels: 360° Spinner

  • Size: 55cm

  • Colour: Silver



Well-organised compartments

Handles could be sturdier

Reliable locking mechanism

May show scratches easily

Strong and durable material 

Smooth spinner wheels

Secure TSA lock

User’s Review: "This VIP luggage is only ~2 Kgs that too with an external laptop insert. This makes it a true value for people who have to carry 2 laptops + blazers + chargers + other valuables like watches etc. If anyone else is facing the weight issue, please go ahead and buy this material marvel from VIP and travel in peace."

Why it's worth buying: Worth buying for its reliable durability and convenient organization, ensuring a stress-free travel experience.


The Assembly Cabin Luggage is a premium hardsided trolley bag designed for flights, constructed from 100% polycarbonate material for water and scratch resistance. Featuring a keyless TSA lock and 8 spinner wheels, it ensures security and effortless maneuverability. With an additional laptop compartment and a capacity of 40L, it offers ample space for essentials. Plus, enjoy the convenience of complimentary packing organiser kit and a 5-year warranty for ease of mind.


  • Price: 5,899 (MRP 7,499 21% Off)

  • Material: Polycarbonate

  • Lock: TSA

  • Wheels: 8 spinner

  • Capacity: 40L

  • Size: 20 inches

  • Warranty: 5 years



Efficient organisation

May be too small for longer trips

Convenient laptop compartment

Zippers might be prone to snagging

Easy mobility with spinner wheels

TSA lock ensures security

Generous warranty coverage 

Scratch-resistant material

User’s Review: "It is a very useful product while travelling by air. Electronic gadgets can be easily stored in the outer part of the trolley and easily removed for checking in. Material is strong enough and it does give a premium look. Overall a very good product."

Why it's worth buying: Recognized as an Amazon Choice product for its quality and value.


The Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds Hardside Carry-on Spinner Luggage is the best companion for short trips or weekend getaways. Constructed with durable ABS hard-shell exterior and moulded corner guard reinforcements, it ensures maximum impact resistance. The multi-directional 4-wheel spinners allow smooth movement, while the retractable push-button handle offers easy manoeuvrability. With a spacious interior featuring garment restraint straps and zipper accessory pocket, it provides efficient organisation for your essentials. This lightweight and stylish suitcase is designed to meet most airline carry-on size requirements, making it an ideal choice for travellers seeking exceptional  style.


  • Price: 2,999 (MRP 8,999 67% Off)

  • Brand: Reaction Kenneth Cole 

  • Material: ABS hard-shell

  • Size: 20 inches

  • Wheels: 4-wheel spinner

  • Handle: Retractable push-button

  • Interior: Fully lined

  • Dimensions: 21.75” H x 14” W x 8.5” D



Durable ABS construction

May not fit larger items

Meets airline carry-on size requirements

Stylish and functional design

Moulded corner guards

Multi-directional spinners

Retractable handle

User’s Review: "Had this for a few years and it's still in great shape. It fits carry-on and I've taken it on 4 flights with me in the cabin. Holds more than you'd think, and even when it seems full, it is still packed in a couple of 40's from the duty free. Easy to manoeuvre, and the extendable handle fits inside my laptop bag's loops. Very efficient and I got it at a good price. I recommend it."

Why it's worth buying: This Amazon Choice product, boasting a 4.5-star rating from over 4000 reviews, is a smart investment for travellers seeking reliable luggage.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between 2-wheel and 4-wheel trolley bags?

  • Two-wheel trolley bags are typically more stable on uneven terrain, while four-wheel bags offer greater manoeuvrability and can easily glide in any direction, making them ideal for navigating busy airports.

Are trolley bags water-resistant?

  • While some trolley bags are water-resistant to protect against light rain or splashes, they may not be completely waterproof. It's advisable to use a rain cover or packing cubes for additional protection in wet conditions.

How do I prevent my trolley bag from tipping over?

  • To prevent your trolley bag from tipping over, pack heavier items closer to the wheels and distribute weight evenly. Additionally, choose a bag with a stable base and sturdy handle for better balance.

What size trolley bag should I buy for a weekend trip?

  • For a weekend trip, consider a medium-sized trolley bag (around 20-24 inches) as it offers enough space for clothing and essentials without being too bulky to handle.

Are hard or soft trolley bags better for air travel?

  • Both hard and soft trolley bags have their advantages. Hard-shell bags provide better protection for fragile items, while soft bags are more flexible and easier to fit into tight spaces.

How can I clean my trolley bag?

  • To clean your trolley bag, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth and mild soap. For stubborn stains, use a gentle cleaning solution and avoid harsh chemicals to preserve the bag's material.

In Conclusion 

Trolley bags provide a convenient and stylish solution for travellers seeking to streamline their packing process and enhance their mobility. With a diverse range of sizes, materials, and features available, investing in a quality trolley bag from our list of recommendations ensures you'll be well-equipped for any journey. From durable construction to reliable manoeuvrability, our curated selection offers the perfect balance of functionality and style, making it worth considering for your next travel companion.

Disclaimer: The above content is non-editorial and produced by a third party partner. Outlook India does not guarantee, vouch for or endorse any of the content*.

*The product prices mentioned in the article are subject to change