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J.S. Bandukwala

Magazine | Jul 08, 2016

Think Of Bilkis, Ishrat, Ehsan, Kauser: Even The Gandhian Can Feel Anger

The judiciary should ensure that Muslims receive justice in riot cases

Magazine | Jul 12, 2010

Submitting To Sense

Muslims must give up parochialism, stop obsessing with the past

Magazine | Sep 21, 2009

To Defuse A Train Of Gunpowder

Another well-argued assault on the ramparts of Gujarat’s unpunished evil

Magazine | Apr 23, 2007

J.S. Bandukwala

Fearless crusader against communalism in Gujarat. Has paid a heavy price for his outspoken activism.


Magazine | Feb 19, 2007

Why Gujarat 'Banned' Parzania

One man's diktat is the last word: even Narendra Modi acquiesces

Magazine | Apr 01, 2002

The Day My Spirit Died

I was unable to read the RSS correctly. I was convinced it would accept me as

Website | Apr 07, 2004

Feel Good Fleetingly

In the months following the Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, as now, the adoring

Website | Jun 07, 2002

The Lessons Of Gujarat And Kashmir

No society can progress, if it is steeped too deeply in the past --

Website | May 01, 2002

The Answer Lies In The Holy Koran

These are dark days for the Muslims of India. Yet we must not lose