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Korean Newsmakers Of The Week: BTS' RM Announces Solo Album, HYBE-ADOR's Conflict And More

Here are top five Korean newsmakers in the entertainment industry of the week.

Pinterest, HYBE
Korean Newsmakers of the Week Photo: Pinterest, HYBE

This entire week of April has been filled with all sorts of news, right from comebacks to even controversies. From BTS member RM dropping his second solo album amid fulfilling mandatory military services to one of the biggest scandals in the K-Pop industry between HYBE and ADOR, we have you covered.

Here are the top five newsmakers in the entertainment industry of the week, all the way from South Korea.

APINK’s Yoon Bo-mi Confirms Dating B.E.P’s Rado

On April 23, Dispatch revealed that Apink’s Yoon Bo-mi and producer Rado from the musical duo, Black Eyed Pilseung, have been in a relationship since April 2017, marking seven years together. Following these reports, Yoon Bo-mi’s agency, Choi Creative Lab, issued an official statement, confirming the same, stating, “Upon confirmation with Yoon Bo-mi, she is maintaining a good relationship as reported in the articles. However, as it is the artist’s private life, we ask for your understanding in not being able to confirm any other details.” Likewise, Rado’s agency, High Up Entertainment, verified the news and commented, “Please look upon the two with warmth.”

Yoon Bo-mi, Rado
Yoon Bo-mi, Rado Photo: AsianWiki

Comebacks – aespa, BTS’ RM

On April 22, aespa made a resounding announcement regarding their anticipated comeback slated for the following month. The group unveiled the details for their upcoming release, revealing that their first full-length album titled ‘Armageddon’ is set to drop on May 27 at 6 PM KST. On the other hand, on April 26, it was announced that BTS’ leader RM will be dropping his second solo album on May 24 at 1 PM KST. Titled ‘Right Place, Wrong Person,’ the album consists of 11 tracks.

aespa, RM
aespa, RM Photo: Weverse, Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial

Paul Kim To Tie The Knot With Long-Time Girlfriend

On April 25, singer-songwriter Paul Kim shared a heartfelt handwritten letter on his official website, revealing the joyous news of his marriage. Thanking his fans for always supporting him over the years, he penned a note for them, announcing his plans of tying the knot. Part of his statement reads, “Nine years have passed since I met this person who understands and supports me for who I am, with all my limitations and imperfections, and I’m now planning to spend my life with that person. We’ve decided to forgo the wedding ceremony in accordance with our wishes and with the permission of both families. I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to those around me who have supported my decision and given me heartfelt advice. I understand that some of you may be surprised by this sudden news, and my heart aches for that. However, I’m eager to embrace the upcoming moments with open arms, facing new emotions, learning, and growing.”

ILLIT Breaks Spotify Record; Becomes Fastest K-Pop Group Debut Song To Surpass 100 Million Streams

In less than a month since their debut, girl group ILLIT has already etched their name in Spotify’s record books. On April 22, their agency, BELIFT LAB, proudly declared that as of April 20 KST, the group’s debut track ‘Magnetic’ had amassed an impressive total of 103,923,923 streams on the music streaming platform. Surpassing this milestone in approximately 27 days, the song now holds the title of becoming the fastest K-Pop debut song to reach 100 million streams on the platform.

HYBE-ADOR Conflict

The Korean entertainment industry has been rocked by a big scandal involving HYBE Corporation and its subsidiary label ADOR, along with its CEO, Min Hee-jin. It all began when HYBE said they were going to investigate ADOR, claiming that Min Hee-jin and another executive were trying to take over ADOR and become independent. They also said she leaked private information and have requested her to step down as CEO. But Min Hee-jin fired back, accusing the giant entertainment company of using ADOR and copying its debut group NewJeans’ concept for their new group, ILLIT. She claimed that HYBE is “blinded by short-term profits and is mass producing unoriginality.” After HYBE’s investigation, Min Hee-jin held a press conference with her lawyers wherein she explained her side of the story, and sought to clarify various statements. In response, HYBE said they would report her to the police for breach of trust and other charges, as they have “secured substantial evidence to prove that Min deliberately led the plan to take over management control of the subsidiary, through the audit process.”

ADORs Min Hee-jin, HYBEs Bang Si-hyuk
ADOR's Min Hee-jin, HYBE's Bang Si-hyuk Photo: HYBE, AsianWiki