Qutubuddin Ansari

Peace, Bro They were two faces of the Gujarat riots, one a victim, the other the aggressor. But 12 years is a long time, and tailor Qutubuddin Ans­ari and cobbler Ashok Par­mar ‘Mochi’ made peace in Kannur, Kerala, of all places. The two were participating in a seminar, ‘A Decade of Genocide’, organised by our Leftist buddies, the CPI(M). The occasion also saw the launch of the Malayalam edition of Ansari’s biography. Parmar, still tangled up in court cases, blamed the media for “demonising” him, but added that nowadays he devotes much of his time to “promoting Hindu-Muslim amity”. Anyway, apologies done, the event went off well. And Ansari’s bio, which had a print run of a 1,000 copies, sold out on the first day.

Illustration by Sorit

“Whether Modi is in power or not, I am condemned to live with this sense of fear” Kutubuddin Ansari, 38, Riot victim

Panini Anand

Riot victim Qutubuddin Ansari pleads to the mob for mercy

Reuters (From Outlook, November 01, 2010)