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Badruddin Ajmal

Corona Fears Overshadow Election Result Jitters In Assam

Exit polls giving a clear victor to BJP have also taken some sheen off D-Day

01 May 2021

No Modi Wave In Assam This Time: AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal

Badruddin Ajmal said the Assam election would be a 'turning point' for the country as the BJP's defeat will begin from the state.

14 March 2021

Slip Of Tongue By BJP MP Sunny Deol While Taking Oath As Lok Sabha Member

There was a slip of tongue by the BJP MP from Gurdaspur when he said 'withhold the sovereignty and integrity of the country' instead of 'uphold the sovereignty and integrity of the country', but he quickly rectified it.

18 June 2019

Why Has Rajasthan Become The New Centre Of 'Resort Politics' For Congress MLAs?

After Ashok Gehlot came into power in Rajasthan two years ago, MLAs from four states have been sent to the state to keep them safe from poaching attempts.

11 April 2021

Triple Talaq Bill BJP's Publicity Stunt To Humiliate Muslims, Says AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal

Speaking to the media at the Assam Secretariat in Guwahati, the Dhubri MP said the government should, instead, work towards the development of women in the real sense.

01 August 2019

Tarun Gogoi Has Reached Understanding With Badruddin Ajmal to Ensure Son's Victory: Amit Shah

BJP President Amit Shah on Thursday hit out at the Congress and said the former Assam chief minister Tarun Gogoi has reached an understanding with AIUDF chief Badruddin Ajmal to ensure his son Gaurav Gogoi's victory in the...

29 March 2019

Assam Polls: Fear Of Horse Trading Pushes Congress, AIUDF To Shift Candidates To Jaipur

Congress and AIUDF candidates were flown to Jaipur on Friday in an apparent effort to shield them from any attempt of poaching by the ruling BJP.

09 April 2021


Shocking, Why Is It A Concern For Army Chief That A Party Is Rising Faster Than BJP?: AIUDF Chief Badruddin Ajmal On Gen Rawat's Remark

22 February 2018