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Chris Cairns

Chris Cairns: Don't Know If I Will Ever Walk Again But Lucky To Be Alive

Chris Cairns, 51, suffered an aortic dissection - an often fatal rare heart condition - in August and was on life support. He was saved by four open-heart surgeries but he had a spinal stroke on the operating table.

03 December 2021

Chris Cairns Suffers Paralysis In Legs During Life-saving Surgery: Lawyer

Cairns has returned to Canberra where he lives, but remains in a serious condition after suffering complications following major heart surgery in Sydney

27 August 2021

Chris Cairns, Former New Zealand Cricket All-rounder, On Life Support In Australia

Cairns suffered an aortic dissection in Canberra last week and was transferred to a specialist hospital in Sydney

10 August 2021

Chris Cairns 'Very Lucky To Be Alive', Ex-NZ Cricket Star Staring At Uncertain Future

Chris Cairns is currently recovering from a spinal stroke that left him paralysed waist down, following several complicated surgeries.

14 November 2021

Chris Cairns Off Life Support After Heart Surgery

Former New Zealand cricketer had suffered a major medical emergency - an aortic dissection - earlier this month and was put on life support

20 August 2021

Like A Master Storyteller, Sachin Tendulkar Reveals How He, Rahul Dravid Outwitted Chris Cairns - WATCH

Here's a fascinating account from none other than Sachin Tendulkar of how he and Rahul Dravid outfoxed New Zealand pacer, Chris Cairns, during a Test match at Mohali

06 April 2020

Chris Cairns Gears Up For 'Greatest Challenge' After Heart Surgery, Says He's 'Grateful To Be Here'

Chris Cairns, 51, had collapsed last month after suffering a massive heart attack, resulting in aortic dissection.

19 September 2021


'John's Been A Hit'

'The Indian players have showered praise on John (Wright) leaving him with a sweet taste in the mouth.'

01 January 1970

03 February 2022
The Cairns Class

The Cairns Class

He always loved a challenge. Second-best had no place in the Kiwi's outlook. The bigger the stage, the loftier he would be in terms of performance...