OT: What does travel mean to you?
Kunal Kapur: Travel is the most rewarding distraction, especially
when life gets complicated and stressful.

OT: How was you experience shooting your latest show Swiss Made Adventures (NDTV GoodTimes)?
Kunal Kapur: Shooting for it was a very special experience as I got to witness Switzerland once again. The Swiss place great emphasis on perfecting the details, especially when it comes to their food.

OT: Any place in Switzerland that really appeals to you?
Kunal Kapur: The Swiss Alps are breathtaking. One is left in awe of their might upon reaching the top.

OT: What inspired you to become a chef?
Kunal Kapur: I grew up in a Punjabi household in Delhi and every Sunday, I’d sit on the kitchen counter and stir everything that was being cooked. So, I was always fascinated by it.

OT: What’s been your most memorable trip? What do you usually bring back as souvenirs?
Kunal Kapur: My recent trip to Sydney was special. I absolutely enjoyed all my meals and I’d often visit Bondi Beach. I have a hobby of collecting small souvenirs like magnets, but local ingredients are my top priority.

OT: You have visited New Zealand, and even been honoured by its prime minister. What dishes did the Kiwis teach you?
Kunal Kapur: I was given lessons on growing apples and avocadoes. As a chef, the knowledge of produce right from the farm to the fork is essential. Everything from cooking merino lamb to tasting Kiwi wine was great learning.

OT: You’ve judged multiple seasons of Masterchef India. How has the experience been?
Kunal Kapur: It’s the biggest learning curve in my life. The show has added to my personality and pushed me to learn.