OT: You’ve explored India by train. How was the experience?
Archana Vijaya: It has been amazing. I
have travelled a lot on Indian trains and the journeys have been very heart-warming. While travelling on the train you get a chance to imbibe all the culture and colour of a place. I have travelled to Delhi many times but never knew Hauz Khas ruins existed. Also while travelling for the IPL, discovered there were teen Darwajas in Ahmedabad.


OT: How was hosting IPL in the UAE different from India?
Archana Vijaya: The good part was that there wasn’t too much of travel. I was based in Dubai, so Sharjah was about 30 minutes away and Abu Dhabi was about one-and-a half hours. Back in India, I travel every alternate day. The major difference of IPL in UAE was that the Indian fans were missing. The Indian tadka was evidently absent.


OT: The most adventurous activity you have done so far?
Archana Vijaya: The most adventurous activity was in Africa. I did skydiving where I had to jump off a plane. I was so scared to do it but it was quite exciting, too!


OT: What do you hate about holidays?
Archana Vijaya: I don’t like structured holidays. Too planned holidays are not something which I fancy. Instead a free-flowing holiday is always preferred. I like to do what I want to at the spur of the moment.


OT: The weirdest thing that you’ve ever eaten while travelling?
Archana Vijaya: It has to be ostrich meat. It was pretty weird. I hadn’t eaten anything like that before.


OT: Are you a beach person or mountain lover?
Archana Vijaya: I am definitely a beach person. I also enjoy different landscapes. My phone wallpaper is one such scenic landscape.


OT: When not for work, who is your favorite travelling companion?

Archana Vijaya: My friends are the best travelling companions… It’s a blast with them, its unlimited fun guaranteed.


OT: Things you don’t forget to pack?
Archana Vijaya: Make-up, toiletries, lingerie and shoes.


In 2011 television presenter and model, Archana Vijaya started freelancing as a host for Extra Innings T20 – Indian Premier League on Set Max.

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