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Hasan Suroor

Magazine | Jul 28, 2016

Nice Diary

The city is heaving with tourists soaking up the Mediterranean sun, and gorging on ice cream

Magazine | Jul 08, 2016

Reform Sans Islamophobia

The challenge before the nat­ion is to reach out to disaffected young Muslims by addressing

Magazine | Jun 16, 2016

A Trap Unsprung

How I was stung, how the sting fell apart in court

Magazine | Sep 07, 2015

Spring On My Walls

Green shoots of Ghalib: the irony would have pleased the poet

Magazine | Jan 26, 2015

In Need Of A Renaissance

Jehad is both holy war and inner spiritual struggle in the Quran. Its followers have to

Magazine | Dec 29, 2014

The Blight Of Unthinking

Under Modi, serious debate has drowned in saffron diatribe

Magazine | Sep 15, 2014

Beware, I’ll Turn Hindu

An open letter to the RSS chief, Muslim bashing ain’t working

Magazine | Jul 07, 2014

Chaining 1,200 Years

Our PM’s recalculation of how long Indians have been ‘slaves’

Magazine | May 19, 2014

Baby And Bathwater

Bye, bye secular democracy, hello ‘ethnic democracy’?

Magazine | Mar 24, 2014

Rome Diary

Rome looks like a vast clapped-out post-party set redeemed only by the sweeping majesty of its

Website | Nov 14, 2015

Hasan Suroor And The Question Of Culpability

In spite of not feeling a whit of sympathy towards child abuse and rape,