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Swara Bhaskar

People Who Celebrated Death Of Mahatma Gandhi Are In Power: Swara Bhaskar

People can be punished for their deeds, and not for their thoughts.

02 September 2018

Problem Of Intolerance In India, Difference Of Opinion Is Seen As Dissent, Says Swara Bhaskar

Swara had recently criticised Padmaavat director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for "glorifying" the now-banned archaic jauhar practise

04 February 2018

After Suchitra Trolls Swara, She Says In An Article Of Over 2440 Words, People Only Remember The Vagina Part

The 29-year-old actor wrote a blistering open letter to Bhansali, in which she condemned the filmmaker for presenting the criminalised archaic customs in a "breathtakingly shot" manner.

29 January 2018

Amitabh Bachchan, Other Celebrities Urge People To Help Flood-Hit Kerala

The 75-year-old actor took to Twitter and urged people to contribute to relief fund for the state.

19 August 2018

Didn't Expect So Much Chaos Just Because Of A Word That Starts With 'V': Swara Bhaskar On Her 'Padmaavat' Letter

31 January 2018

'Felt Reduced To A Vagina Only After Watching Padmaavat', Actor Swara Bhasker Slams Bhansali

Swara said Bhansali, whom she respects and has worked for in "Guzaarish", had set a dangerous precedent in questioning the laws of the land.

28 January 2018

'S**TS Like You Feel Emboldened To Talk This Crap Publicly Is This Govt's Legacy': How Swara Bhaskar Shut Kareena Kapoor's Troll

A user criticised Kareena for marrying into a Muslim family and naming her son, Taimur.

16 April 2018