AlUla's Melanie De Souza On Tourism, Sustainability And More

In its global campaign, Forever Revitalising, the Saudi Tourism Board emphasised that it aims to position AlUla as a tourist space that leaves a lasting impression on travellers with its history, heritage, and culture

Mada’in Salih, AlUla Photo: Shutterstock

If you have an eye for nature and heritage, AlUla is your place. As one of the best tourism villages under the UN, this Saudi Arabian region has successfully drawn tourists for its scenic splendour and remnants of an ancient civilisation that traces back thousands of years. Curled amidst a lush oasis, AlUla houses about 900 traditional buildings, offering a glimpse into its diverse vistas ranging from archaeology to agriculture. 

The Saudi Arabia Tourism Board has once again brought the spotlight on this historic city with its "Forever Revitalising" campaign, a global brand initiative to position AlUla beyond destination marketingWhether it is an opportunity for economic advancement or the enrichment, cohesion and upskilling of community, Forever Revitalising is relevant across the entire project, introducing AlUla to the world,” said Melanie de Souza, Executive Director of Destination Marketing, Royal Commission for AlUla.