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Tariq Ali

'This Has Very Little To Do With Religion'

Dec 17, 2014 Amy Goodman

'Afghan Taliban feel that the main target should be NATO and the West, and not the Pakistani state, on which, after all, they have relied for a long time'

Fire and smoke rises from burning buildings hit by an Israeli air strike in the Shajaiyeh neighborhood of Gaza City, in the northern Gaza Strip

Blinded By Israel, Visionless In Gaza

Jul 23, 2014 Tariq Ali

A unanimous Senate vote is rare, so what explains being more loyal to Israel than quite a few critical Jewish Israelis in that country itself?

Operation Enduring Disaster

Can Obama administration truly break from past policy or will it just create a military-plus add-on to it? Only a total break from the catastrophe that George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld created in Afghanistan will offer pathways to a v

The American War Moves To Pakistan

Sep 17, 2008 Tariq Ali

Its effects could be catastrophic, creating a severe crisis within the army and in Pakistan at large. It will only create a state of permanent mayhem in the region, resulting in ever more violence and terror, as well as heightened support for jihadi

A Pliant President

Like his late wife, Zardari, too, is now being laundered, just like the money he made when last in office as minister for investment. Zardari is perfectly suited to being a total creature of Washington.

28 December, 2007

A Multi-Layered Tragedy.

Tariq Ali

It's a tragedy for a country on a road to more disasters. Torrents and foaming cataracts lie ahead. And it is a personal tragedy. The house of Bhutto has lost another member. Father, two sons and now a daughter have all died unnatural deaths.

04 December, 2007

'In Solidarity With Its [CPM's] Left Critics'


Our statement did not lend support to the CPM's actions in Nandigram or its recent economic policies in West Bengal, nor was that our intention. On the contrary, we asserted ... that we found them tragically wrong.

25 November, 2007

To Our Friends in Bengal


This statement was originally published in the Hindu on November 22, but since then one of the signatories, Susan George, has dissociated herself from it.

26 December, 2006

Time For A Regime Change

Tariq Ali

Blair's ideological zealotry has helped destroy Iraq, revive the Taliban in Afghanistan, increase the threat of terror in Britain and introduce repressive laws that were not enforced even in the second world war.

18 September, 2006

A Bavarian Provocation

Tariq Ali

The Muslim world with two of its countries—Iraq and Afghanistan— directly occupied by Western troops does not need to be reminded of the language of the Crusades. Violence was and is not the prerogative of any single religion as the continuing Israel

25 April, 2006

This Is No Rah-Rah Revolt

Tariq Ali

This is not one of those carefully orchestrated "orange" affairs with its mass-produced placards, rah-rah gals and giant PR firms. It has nothing to do with religion. It is the culmination of decades of social, cultural and economic oppression. Somet

28 March, 2006


Tariq Ali

It is not that some of them are not doing good work in Pakistan, but the overall effect of this has been to atomize the tiny layer of left and liberal intellectuals, struggling to keep the money coming; with petty rivalries assuming exaggerated propo

15 February, 2006

This Is The Real Outrage

Tariq Ali

It's strange that the Danish imams and their friends abroad ignore the real tragedy and instead ensure that the cartoons are now being reprinted everywhere.

08 December, 2005

Power To The People

Tariq Ali

It is twenty-five years ago that John Lennon was murdered. This 1971 interview that is said to have inspired him to write the anthem by the above name first appeared in The Red Mole.

09 February, 2005

Imperial Delusions

Tariq Ali

Out with the old, in with the new. The Iraqi elections were designed not to preserve the unity of Iraq but to re-establish the unity of the west

20 February, 2004

The Bloody Price

Tariq Ali

Sooner than anyone could have predicted the occupation has become untenable. Regime changes in Washington and London would be small punishment compared to what is being inflicted on Iraq.

18 February, 2004

A Patriarch Of Arab Literature

Tariq Ali

Abdelrehman Munif (1933-2004) was a storyteller without compare, who enriched the culture of the Arab world as a whole. He was a strong and independent-minded intellectual who refused to bend the knee before Prince or Colonel.

16 December, 2003

Saddam On Parade

Tariq Ali

Those in the US and elsewhere who argued that the resistance was led by Saddam and the remnants of the old regime, will now get a big shock.

Photo Gallery

India's Pusarla V. Sindhu competes against Denmark's Line Christophersen during their women's singles Group A badminton match at the BWF World Tour Finals in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

AP Photo/Dita Alangkara

Doctors and others from the medical fraternity participate in a cycle rally to raise awareness on HIV and AIDS on World AIDS Day, in Prayagraj.

AP Photo/Rajesh Kumar Singh

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi speaks in the Lok Sabha during ongoing Winter Session of Parliament, in New Delhi.


JKNC MP Hasnain Masoodi speaks in the Lok Sabha during ongoing Winter Session of Parliament, in New Delhi.


India's Srikanth Kidambi competes against France' Toma Junior Popov during their men's doubles Group B badminton match at the BWF World Tour Finals in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.


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