Congress Is Party Of ‘Raja-Ranis’: Amit Shah

Himachal Pradesh Assembly Elections: Home Minister Amit Shah urged voters to break the tradition by electing the BJP once again to ensure that it becomes the number one state in the country.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah at a rally in Himachal Pradesh

Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday took a swipe at the Congress saying it is a party of 'rajas and ranis' and even though many chief ministerial aspirants might be in the fray in Himachal Pradesh no one will get a chance in reality.

Addressing a poll rally in Himachal Pradesh, he launched an all-out attack on the Congress for practicing nepotism and for not doing anything in the name of development.

The home minister also highlighted surgical air strikes against Pakistan, construction of Ram temple at Ayodhya, implementation of 'one rank, one pension' and abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir to woo the electorate in this segment of the state which goes to polls on November 12.

Shah urged voters to break the tradition by electing the BJP once again to ensure that it becomes the number one state in the country. He also assured to make the state drugs-free in the next five years.

He was campaigning in support of BJP candidate Vijay Agnihotri in Nadaun.

"The Congress has nothing to say in the name of development and to win some seats in Himachal it has named chief ministerial candidates in eight to 10 seats. There is a chief ministerial aspirant here too. But he does not know that he will not become the CM in the Congress, as one has to be someone's son or daughter to become a chief minister and your chance will never come," he said while referring to the Congress candidate from Nadaun.

"This is a party of rajas and ranis and no one will get a chance. Is there a place for rajas-ranis in a democracy and only those find a place who work for the welfare of people and we have given one here who despite not being an MLA continues to serve you," the Home minister said.

Shah also paid his respects to the brave mothers who have sent their sons in the armed forces to help ensure the country's security.

"The Congress leaders from across the country have come to Himachal Pradesh as if for tourism. I want to ask them, the youth of Himachal have served the country and protected its boundaries and have given their supreme sacrifices. The first Paramvir Chakra was awarded to a Himachali Somnath Sharma. 

"For 40 years they have been demanding 'one rank, one pension' but a deaf Congress never heard their voice. Modi ji came to power in 2014 and in 2015 he implemented the 'one rank, one pension' which cost Rs 40,000 crore," Shah said.

He asked people to seek a reply from the Congress on why they could not give 'one rank, one pension' to them even after ruling for 60 years.

Talking about Article 370, Shah said the Congress ruled for 60 years and "kept caressing Jawaharlal Nehru's 'gift' like a child for years and our Kashmir failed to make its bond with India".

He referred to Congress leaders' warning to him in Parliament when the bill to abrogate Article 370 was brought and said they warned me that rivers of blood would flow if it is passed. "Rahul baba, forget rivers of blood, no one has the courage to even throw a small pebble and our Kashmir is flourishing as India's crown."

Attacking the Congress for inaction on Pakistan-sponsored terrorism, he said, "For 10 years during Sonia-Manmohan government, 'alia, malia, jamalias' entered India and killed our jawans and the Congress did not have the courage to say anything. But, when Modi government came such attempts by Pakistan were given a befitting reply in the form of surgical air strikes inside Pakistan by our brave soldiers."

He claimed that a new message has gone to the world that no one can tinker with India's army and borders, otherwise one would have to pay.

He also attacked the Congress for giving various poll promises, saying, "The party which ruled the country for 60 years is now issuing guarantees to the people of Himachal Pradesh."

He also claimed that the Congress party failed to make the Ram temple at Ayodhya due to their policy of appeasement. Not just Ram temple, but many other temples and religious places have been rebuilt and accorded importance during Modi's rule.

"I want to tell the people of Himachal Pradesh that we will make it drug-free in the next five years and will root out the drug business from the entire country," he also claimed.