'No One Should Be Scared': PM Modi Speaks On 'Big Plans’, Electoral Bonds, Ram Mandir And More

Prime Minister Modi assured people that they need not fear when he says he has big plans for the country in his election speeches.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi | Photo: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that everyone will regret the Supreme Court's decision to scrap the electoral bond scheme, as the policy provided critical information regarding the money trail and all stakeholders involved in political funding.  

Modi's comments came two months after the Supreme Court declared the electoral bond scheme "unconstitutional."

"Due to electoral bonds, you are getting the trail of the money. Which company gave it? How did they give it? Where did they give it? And that is why I say when they (opposition) will think honestly, everyone will regret it," the prime minister told news agency ANI in an interview.

Electoral bonds were interest-free banking instruments that Indian residents and corporations could acquire to support their preferred political party. The scheme was criticised by the opposition parties as it kept the identity of the donor anonymous.

'No One Should Be Scared'

PM Narendra Modi assured people that they need not fear when he says he has big plans for the country in his election speeches. PM Modi clarified his comments by saying that his goal is to make India a developed country by 2047, not to scare or suppress anyone.

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Modi said: "When I say that I have big plans, no one should be scared. I don't take decisions to scare or run-over anyone, I take decisions for the wholesome development of the nation. Additionally, the governments always say we have done everything. I don't believe I have done everything. I have tried to do everything in the right direction, yet there is so much I need to do, because I see that my country has so many needs. How do I fulfil the dreams of every family? That is why I say this is a trailer".

'Ram Mandir Was A Political Weapon'

The prime minister hit out at the Congress, questioning its decision to not attend the ‘pran pratishtha’ or the consecration ceremony of the temple in Ayodhya.

"When we were not even born, when our party was not even born. At that time, this matter could have been dealt with in the court. There could have been a solution to the problem. When India was divided, then during the time of partition, they could have decided to do so and so. That was not done. Why? Because this is like a weapon in their hands, a weapon for vote bank politics," Modi said.

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‘We Celebrate Diversity’

On the Congress party’s claim that the BJP does not appreciate diversity, the PM said: “ India is a country of diversity. Viewing India as different units is a result of mindlessness regarding India. Which part of India has the most number of villages associated with Lord Ram’s name? Tamil Nadu…How can you term it a separate (unit)?"

"There is diversity. An individual from Nagaland will not be like a person from Punjab. A person from Kashmir will not be like a Gujarati. Diversity is our strength, we should celebrate it. India is a bouquet where everyone can see their flower. That is the sentiment which should be harboured.”