Arvind Kejriwal Is ‘Kattar Beiman’: BJP

BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia said Arvind Kejriwal is suffering from political cataract and the ‘classroom scam or the excise scam’ or Satyendar Jain retaining his ministerial post despite being in jail is no big deal.

Arvind Kejriwal

The BJP on Saturday claimed that Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal was suffering from "political cataract" and giving himself a certificate of honesty despite the alleged excise and classroom construction scams in his government.

The entire country now knows that Kejriwal is a "kattar beiman" (hardcore dishonest), BJP spokesperson Gaurav Bhatia told a press conference in New Delhi.

With his deputy Manish Sisodia's name not finding a mention in the CBI charge sheet in the excise policy case, Kejriwal on Saturday said he and the AAP are "hardcore honest".

Addressing a press conference, Kejriwal also asked the BJP if it could say the same about any of its leaders.

"Kejriwal is suffering from political cataract. The classroom scam or the excise scam or Satyendar Jain retaining his ministerial post despite being in jail is no big deal," Bhatia said.

He said the investigative agencies that were once branded as "caged parrots" are free and independent to decide the course of action in cases of corruption.

The Central Bureau of Investigation filed its first charge sheet in the Delhi excise policy case against seven accused on Friday, but Sisodia, who was named in the FIR, did not figure in it. 

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