Monday, Sep 25, 2023

Fitness Coach

Gaurav Molri

Fitness Coach Gaurav Molri Reveals The Perfect Home Workout To Look Lean & Fit

Gaurav’s lean body program is perfect for everyone who is new to workout, or not able to see any results despite training in gym from couple of months and has a busy lifestyle. In his Program, Gaurav Molri make sure each...

01 February 2023

Fitness enthusiast Manish (left)

The Inspiring Tale Of An Emerging Yoga Practitioner And Fitness Enthusiast Manish

Manish apart from being a fitness freak is also a Yoga Practitioner who aims to connect more and more people with the ancient Indian practice of Yoga to help them lead a healthy life.

09 August 2022

Rinku Shah

Meet Rinku Shah, An Epitome Of Youthfulness And Carnal Fitness Symbol

Rinku Shah’s 10 years plus experience in being a fitness coach has surely helped her achieve the goal of seeing a world fit from diseases and physical restrictions to such extent where her motto is adapted by various age...

04 April 2022

Model And Fitness Coach Poonam Yadav

Model And Fitness Coach Poonam Yadav’s Preparations Are Going In Full Swing For Her Maiden Music Video

Currently, Poonam is busy with the dance workshop for the untitled song. While not many details are known about the song, we hear that it is the ultimate Haryanvi party song

27 January 2023

Rajesh PT, Fitness Trainer

It’s Not About Only Exercise, It’s About A Change In Your Lifestyle Says Fitness Trainer Rajesh PT

Rajesh PT is a professional trainer. He owns a gym called PTZONE in Coimbatore Tamil Nadu, and has an experience of over 23 years.

23 May 2022

Arun Narwal, Fitness Influencer

'It Is Time To Up The Game In Content Creation' Says A High-Performing Fitness Influencer Arun Narwal

Arun Narwal is very beautifully presenting his Californian lifestyle to his followers and audiences through social media and thus amassing a mammoth of fans from across the world, who identify with his content, find it...

07 March 2022

Sami Osman

Fitness Coach Sami Osman Shares Motivating And Nifty Opinions About Diet

Sami Osman recently started posting a series of pictures which have his quotes about following a perfect diet. We have shared the most valuable ones that might change your life too.

04 November 2022


Harminder Dulowal

Harminder Dulowal’s Continuity In Pursuing His Goal Made Him An Internationally Acclaimed Bodybuilder

Harminder Dulowal, all through his bodybuilding career, has proven that expensive supplementary food is not a critical need to become a bodybuilder. Since the beginning, he has advocated and lived on a vegan diet to build...

02 March 2022


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