Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Tamil Nadu: Row Erupts Near Madurai After BJP Man Objects To Woman Voter Wearing Hijab

Tamil Nadu: The ruling DMK strongly condemned the BJP man for opposing the Muslim woman and sought action against him.

Row over Hijab erupts in Tamil Nadu.(File photo-Representational image) AP Photo/Aijaz Rahi

A verbal duel broke out on Saturday between a BJP agent and others at a polling station near Madurai in Tamil Nadu, when he objected to a woman voter wearing a Hijab, following which the saffron party man was sent out of the booth.

The ruling DMK strongly condemned the BJP man for opposing the Muslim woman and sought action against him. 

Party MP and women's wing secretary, Kanimozhi in a tweet demanded stern action against him for trying to disturb communal harmony in Tamil Nadu, which is a symbol of harmony. 

Earlier, when the Hijab clad woman voter turned up at a polling booth in suburban Melur to cast her vote in the urban civic polls, the BJP man who held a copy of the electoral rolls on his hand objected, saying he could not identify her. He also allegedly claimed difference in the photograph on the roll and one on the identification document. 

An argument ensued and polling officials said she was identified on the basis of her voter card (EPIC) and her face was not covered.
Replying to the BJP agent, an official said her identity was duly verified as per rules and there was no need for him to do that.  

Agents of other parties including the DMK and AIADMK opposed the BJP agent's objection and said it had no ground. The BJP man argued with police personnel as well. 

When he raised his voice, saying that he cannot agree to the woman being allowed to vote, a woman officer asked him to go out of the polling station and continue 'shouting'. When he refused to budge, the officials said they would move out of the hall if he did not. 

Eventually, the man walked out of the polling station and the Hijab clad woman cast her vote and left the place. A video clip of the argument surfaced in the social media as well.