Modi Interview | Here's What PM Said On Inheritance Tax, Rahul Gandhi's ‘X-ray’ Remark, UCC, And More

Amidst the ongoing Lok Sabha battle in 2024, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in a TV interview, talked about Congress manifesto, inheritance tax, wealth distribution, Uniform Civil Code, and more.

PM Modi | Photo: PTI

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, amidst the ongoing Lok Sabha battle 2024, said that while the Congress is advocating for an "inheritance tax," the Bharatiya Janata Party has no intentions to either implement or consider it. About the Uniform Civil Code, the Prime Minister said, "it is one of the core agendas of our party."

In an interview with News18 channel, PM Narendra Modi described the Congress manifesto as the "stamp of the Muslim League," stating it was his responsibility to bring out the truth of the Congress manifesto in an “unbiased manner” based on “facts”.

On April 5, the Congress released its manifesto for the Lok Sabha election 2024, focusing on economic empowerment for minorities. It promised to ensure banks would provide institutional credit to minorities without discrimination.

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PM Modi On Congress Manifesto:

“So far as the Congress manifesto is concerned, someone please tell me, are the manifestos of political parties during elections a mere showpiece? It is the work of the media to read the manifestos of every political party. I was waiting for the media to comment on it. I had commented on the manifesto on the first day. After seeing the manifesto, I feel that it has the stamp of the Muslim League. I thought that the media will be shocked. But they just kept saying whatever was presented by the Congress,” Prime Minister Modi said.

He continued, “Then I thought that this seems to be a big scam of the ecosystem and I will have to bring out the truth. I waited for 10 days that the evils in the manifesto would be brought out by someone because if it is brought out in an unbiased manner, it is good. Finally, I was forced to bring out these truths.” 

Congress has previously responded to PM Modi's comments. Party chief Mallikarjun Kharge had said that the PM should stop his attempts at dividing society. "I request him, if he gives me time, I will take our manifesto and explain it to him."

Modi On Sam Pitroda’s Comments On Inheritance Tax:

Prime Minister Modi criticised Congress Overseas Wing President Sam Pitroda’s comments on inheritance tax, stating: “One of their greats gave an interview in America where he brought up the issue of inheritance tax, about 55 per cent tax on your property. Now I am talking about development and inheritance and they are talking of plundering that inheritance. Their history till date is about doing what they have mentioned in the manifesto. It is my responsibility to tell the countrymen that they are taking the country in this direction. Now you decide whether you want to go or not. But it is my responsibility that on the basis of facts and importance, I should tell you [the truth].”

The Congress has, however, distanced itself from Indian Overseas Congress chairman Sam Pitroda’s comments on “inheritance tax,” stating that his views do not reflect the position of the Indian National Congress.

Modi On Rahul Gandhi’s X-Ray And Wealth Redistribution:

Prime Minister Modi, in response to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's proposal for conducting an X-ray or a social-economic survey to identify sections needing wealth redistribution, criticised it as an "urban Naxal" thought. 

“X-ray means raiding every household. If any woman has hidden gold where she stores grains, even that will be X-rayed. The jewels will be confiscated. Land records will be scrutinised. And these will be redistributed. This Maoist ideology has never helped the world. This is an entirely ‘Urban Naxal’ thought,” the prime minister said.

The Congress has so far denied these allegations. Party chief Mallikarjun Kharge stated in a letter to the Prime Minister: "Congress will conduct a nation-wide Socio-Economic and Caste Census to enumerate the castes and sub-castes and their socio-economic conditions. Based on the data, we will strengthen the agenda for affirmative action."

Modi On ‘One Nation, One Poll’ And Uniform Civil Code (UCC): 

In another interview with The Times Of India, PM Modi said: “For the longest time, govts have been driven by electoral considerations rather than national considerations. Every year, there would be some or other election taking place and the priority would always be to win the next election, even if it meant trading off the long-term interests of the people of India. It is a matter of concern for us. One nation, one poll is going to ensure that as a nation, our time, effort and resources get invested more productively towards nation-building. A high-level committee, under the chairmanship of former President Ram Nath Kovind, has already submitted a report to President (Droupadi Murmu) prepared after extensive consultations with stakeholders and experts and research on implementing one nation, one poll. In our third term, one will see concrete steps being taken on the matter.”

About the Uniform Civil Code, the Prime Minister said, it  is one of the core agendas of our party.

He added, “Already, BJP govts in states are mulling over its implementation. Uttarakhand has become the first state to implement UCC. It is clear that separate laws for communities are detrimental to the health of society. We cannot be a nation where one community is progressing with the support of constitutional norms while the another community is stuck in a time warp due to appeasement. We will do everything in our capacity to make Uniform Civil Code a reality in India.”


Modi On Crossing ‘400 Mark’ In Lok Sabha Election:

PM Modi told TOI:  “I have done more than 70 rallies and roadshows so far, after the announcement of polls. Everywhere I have gone, I have seen an unprecedented display of love, affection and support. It is this support of the people that gives us confidence that we are on track to cross the 400 mark. The people have seen what we can deliver and we believe that the people want a better tomorrow, and they know that a vote for BJP means a vote towards development.”

He added, “The opposition is down and out after two phases of polling. In the first phase, it was out and after the second phase, it is out. For us, one of the main reasons we want to win 400 seats is to protect the rights of SCs, STs and OBCs in our country. We want a thumping majority so that the evil designs of the opposition to take away their reservation and rights, and give them to their vote bank are foiled.”


The opposition INDIA bloc has also claimed that they have done well in the first two phases of Lok Sabha polling. The voting is set to continue until June 1, with the vote counting scheduled for June 4.