PM Modi Remembers Parliamentary Journey Of 75 Years As House Bids Adieu To Heritage Parliament Building

Prime Minister Narendra Modi earlier outside the Parliament said there is an atmosphere of festivity and enthusiasm, and the country has been filled with renewed self-confidence.

PM Narendra Modi during special session Parliament.

The first day of Parliament's special session began with Prime Minister Narendra Modi bidding adieu to the heritage old Parliament building on Monday.

He said this old Parliament building was built with sweat, hardwork and money of our countrymen.

He added that old Parliament building will continue to inspire generations. 

PM Modi in an emotional tone said it is the time to move forward as the House is set to shift alltogether to the brand news Parliament building on Tuesday.

Modi during his address inside the Lok Sabha said: "This is the time to move forward while remembering the parliamentary journey of 75 years”.

"There have been sweet and sour experiences, there has also been an atmosphere of bickering, and sometimes an atmosphere of conflict and sometimes, there has been an atmosphere of joy as well. All these memories are our shared memories, our shared heritage and hence, its pride is also our shared," he said.

"When I first entered this building as member, I never imagined that I will get so much love from people," he said.

PM Modi on G20 summit:

He also said “success” of recent G20 summit is the success of 140 crore Indians.

Modi also expressed delight over India's success in forgering New Delhi declaration between the participating nations in G20 summit in Delhi.

"Many people have a tendency of being suspicious about India, and this has continued since Independence. This time too (referring to the G20), they were confident that there will be no declaration. However, it is India's strength that it happened," he said.

PM Modi on Chandrayaan-3 mission:

He also launded ISRO scientists for the successful Chandrayann-3 lunar mission.

The five-day special session of Parliament began today with the government having announced that House proceedings would move to the new Parliament building on Tuesday. It also said eight Bills have been listed for consideration and passage in the current session. However, there has been no clarity on whether the government would take up the contentious Bill which seeks to change the method of appointment and conditions of service of the Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners.

Parliament Current Session Will Be 'Historic': PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the current Parliament session may be short in duration but is big on occasion, and is of "historic decisions".

“This Parliament session may be small in duration but is big on occasion; it is a session of historic developments,” he said.

In his remarks to the media ahead of the five-day session, Modi highlighted India's Chandrayaan-3 mission, the "unprecedented" success of its G20 presidency, the launch of 'PM Vishwakarma Mission' and inauguration of convention centre Yashobhoomi, asserting that many developments which have inspired the country and filled it with pride have taken place.

There is an atmosphere of festivity and enthusiasm, and the country has been filled with renewed self-confidence, he said, asking parliamentarians to give maximum time to the short session.

In an apparent reference to frequent protests by opposition members during previous sessions, often leading to disruptions of proceedings, Modi hoped everyone will shed shortcomings and carry the goodness as they move into the new building of Parliament on Ganesh Chaturthi on Tuesday. 

“Request all members to give maximum time to this short Parliament session,” he said.

The Parliament session begins Monday and will end on Friday.