NCW Seeks Report From Delhi Police On Nikki Yadav Case

Nikki Yadav murder case: Delhi police has found that 24-year-old Sahil Gehlot killed his girlfriend, Nikki Yadav, on the same day he got married to another woman.

NCW Chairperson Rekha Sharma

The NCW has sought a report from Delhi police on the killing of a woman allegedly by her live-in partner in Delhi.  

A 24-year-old man allegedly strangled his live-in partner with a mobile phone cable in February 10 and hid her body in a refrigerator in his dhaba on the outskirts of Mitraon village in southwest Delhi.

Sources from the National Commission for Women said the body has sought a report from the Delhi Police commissioner on the matter.  

"How heartless a person can be? Not only he killed his live-in partner but got married to another girl the same day. What is the role of parents that we need to look into also have to work out on the mindset of families who think children are their properties," tweeted NCW chairperson Rekha Sharma.

The Case:

The police have found that 24-year-old Sahil Gehlot killed his girlfriend, Nikki Yadav, on the same day he got married to another woman. 

As per the police investigation and confessions made by Sahil, he got engaged on February 9 without the knowledge of Nikki. After the ceremony, he took his cousin's car and drove to Nikki's house at 1am on February 10 and that was the last time Nikki was spotted inside her rented flat in Uttam Nagar, Delhi. 

The next morning Nikki and Sahil had a fight following the discovery of Sahil's engagement. It was during then when Sahil strangled his girlfriend with the data cable he had in his car and hid the body in the boot of the car.

In the afternoon, he went back to his wedding and late at night, around 3:00 am, he arrived at his dhaba to take care of the corpse. 

He allegedly took her body, secured in the front seat with the seat belt, to his family's dhaba, or roadside restaurant, according to the police.

Afterwards, when his family and relatives were sleeping, he took another car and drove to the dhaba around 3.30 am to deal with the corpse. The police say his plan was to dump the body in the river or a drain.

Later, he moved the body from the car and stuffed it inside the fridge of his dhaba and took Nikki's phone to delete all the chats and data. He did the same from his phone. 

The murder was discovered four days after the incident when Nikki's neighbours reported her to be missing. 

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