JD(U) Leader Arrested For Trying To Set Female Constable On Fire In Bihar

JD(U) leader Chunna Mukhiya got a bucket-full of petrol, which he allegedly threw on a woman constable.


Bihar Police lathi-charge protestors

A JD(U) leader has been arrested for attacking a police team in Bihar's Saharsa. 

The reports said JD(U) leader Chunna Mukhiya attacked a police team conducting a raid and tried to set a female constable on fire.

The JD(U) leader, who police said was drunk, sprayed petrol over the constable and tried to set her on fire, NDTV reported.

Reports said that the police had gone to arrest some men who had broken a barricade and sped away to evade police checking.

The police could not find them when they searched their houses on Wednesday night. They were informed that the culprits were hiding at Chunna Mukhiya's house.


When they reached the JD(U) leader's home, Mukhiya and his supporters started abusing and attacking the cops.

Mukhiya then went to a nearby petrol pump and got a bucket-full of petrol, which he threw on a woman constable. He then asked his wife to get a matchstick and set the cops on fire.

He has been arrested or obstructing the investigation and assaulting the cops.