'Designer's Mistake': DMK Admits To 'China Flag Gaffe' In ISRO Advertisement

An advertisement related to ISRO's new launch complex in Tamil Nadu caused a row for featuring a 'Chinese flag'.


Tamil Nadu ISRO advertisement | Photo: X/@annamalai_k

Amid the row over an advertisement of ISRO's new launch complex in Tamil Nadu featuring a 'Chinese flag', ruling Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) has admitted that it was a gaffe by the designer.

DMK leader and Fisheries Minister Anitha R Radhakrishnan, who had given the advertisement on behalf of his party, stressed that it was only a mistake and they (DMK) had no other intentions.

"A small mistake happened in the advertisement. We have no other intention. We have only love for India in our hearts," Radhakrishnan said, adding that it is his party's stand that India should stay united without giving any room for clashes on the grounds of caste or religion.


On February 28, Prime Minister Narendra Modi laid the foundation stone for a new launch complex of ISRO at Tamil Nadu's Kulasekarapattinam, which is worth about Rs 986 crore. The complex, which can accommodate 24 launches per year, includes 35 facilities and features mobile launch structures (MLS) with checkout computers marking a significant stride in enhancing space exploration capabilities.

On the concluding day (Feb 28) of his two-day visit to Tamil Nadu, PM Modi strongly criticised the DMK for being "oblivious" to the nation's achievements in the space sector. Addressing a BJP rally, PM Modi alleged that the DMK regime does not work, but only takes "false credit" and affixes its 'stickers' on Central schemes.


"Now they have crossed the limit. They have pasted the sticker of China to take credit for ISRO launchpad in Tamil Nadu. This is an insult to our space scientists, space sector, your tax money and you (the country)," he said, addressing the people.

In a post on X, the PM had said: "DMK’s advertisement today is hilarious. They have insulted Indian science and the Indian space sector, for which they must apologise."

DMK's Radhakrishnan said it was late party patriarch M Karunanidhi who first voiced the demand for a new launch complex of ISRO at Kulasekarapattinam near here in Tamil Nadu. Also, Chief Minister MK Stalin and Thoothukudi Lok Sabha MP Kanimozhi had all along urged the Centre to set up the launch complex in the state, he said.

This is why it was decided to give an advertisement (in dailies) to highlight the efforts made by the DMK leaders to bring the project to Tamil Nadu, the minister said.

Those who designed the advertisement made a gaffe which went unnoticed by them, the Minister said.

BJP leader and Union Minister L Murugan has demanded that the DMK apologise to the people for publishing that advertisement.

"It is our duty to put the Indian flag (in advertisement) and they (DMK) must apologise to the people. Only India's achievements have to be showcased. The country's achievements in space technology and the new ISRO complex in Tamil Nadu are the nation's pride," Murugan said.