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Surprise Yourself This Holiday Season And Let These Companies Plan Your “Mystery” Trip!

Surprise trips are gaining popularity in the travel industry. As the appeal of surprise trips continues to grow, various travel companies have entered the scene, offering curated mystery itineraries and immersive adventure packages.

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It’s the holiday season and everyone is planning their perfect trip. But you cannot decide where to go? Worry not, these companies got your back! Just tell them you want to go on vacation and they will plan it all for you and the destination will be a secret until you board the flight.

According to a recent survey of Booking.com, “surprise trips” are the rising trend in the travel industry where travelers surrender control over their destination until the final moments of their journey. This approach to vacation planning has gained significant traction, with over half of the 27,000 survey respondents from 33 countries expressing enthusiasm for surprise vacations. Referred to as "surrender seekers," these modern travelers are drawn to the excitement and spontaneity of not knowing where they'll end up until they arrive.

As the trend of secret trips continues to grow, a diverse array of travel companies have entered the scene, each offering their own unique spin on surprise travel. From curated mystery itineraries to immersive adventure packages, these innovative businesses cater to travelers seeking thrills and exploration beyond conventional travel norms. With the rise of surrender seekers, the future of vacation planning promises excitement, discovery, and unforgettable experiences.

Now that you know about this, does this excite you as well? Then check out these travel companies that offer such surprise trips and select one to pamper yourself with a thrilling surprise!

1. Pack Up + Go: They focus on domestic travel within the US as they promote local tourism and support small businesses. Using a survey form filled by customers they offer personalized trips by selecting destination and day-by-day itineraries based on customer’s answers.

2. Magical Mystery Tours: They create custom mystery trips based on traveler preferences. They offer both domestic and international trips and travelers get to know about their destination only upon arriving at the airport.

3. The Vacation Hunt: They plan surprise trips across the U.S., Europe, and other international destinations. Travelers choose their service particularly for honeymoon trip planning, where they can take even a known destination and fill it with surprises.

4. Black Tomato: Their “Get Lost” trips offer an extreme form of surprise travel where travelers are dropped into remote locations like the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, with the challenge of finding their way out. This is perfect for those who love to challenge themselves.

5. Brown & Hudson: Their “Journey With No Destination” trips take mystery travelling to a whole new level. They plan trips based on a detailed psychological profile of the traveler.

6. Rustic Pathways Mystery Trips: Focusing on younger travelers, they offer mystery trips that focus on global citizenship and education.

7. Blind Experiences: Focusing on sustainable luxury vacations, they initially emerged as a distinctive wedding present concept. They also offer Blind Legacy Experiences, designed for bonding between adults and children, as well as Blind Family Experiences, which are centered around family adventures featuring real-life treasure hunts.

8. Guess Where Trips: They offer scavenger hunt-style road trips in the U.S. and Canada and each of their trips include a series of surprise stops, providing a unique way to explore local attractions.

9. One California Day: As the name suggests, they pecialize in California day tripsand design journeys that reveal beautiful destinations one stop at a time. They also provide digital downloads for travel secrets and recommendations for extending trips into weekend getaways.

10. Unexpected Journeys: They offer full-day surprise adventures in Eastern Ontario and Quebec, meticulously planning journeys that feature a series of unexpected stops, providing a unique approach to discovering the region.