Not-So-Mainstream Ways To Spend Summer In Europe

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Art trail in France

In Marseille, the Friche d’Escalette offers a unique blend of industrial history and natural beauty in Calanques National Park. Discover contemporary art pieces like Jean Prouve’s movable pavilions. Explore Chateau la Coste that a 500-acre estate where a contemporary art walk winds through vineyards. Later, indulge in fire-roasted cuisine at Francis Mallmann’s restaurant.

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Cycle through Balkans

Embark on a cycling adventure through the Balkans starting from Kobarid, Slovenia. The Trans Dinarica Cycle Route, spanning 3,364km and opening fully in July 2024, traverses eight countries, connecting former Yugoslavia and Albania. The scenic Soča River in Slovenia offers a gentle start for cycling. Explore the Goriška Brda wine region for a taste of local wines and panoramic views.

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Spa at Saaremaa Island

Saaremaa Island in Estonia is known for its Viking history and serene spas. Indulge in affordable spa hotels abundant with saunas and pools, particularly in the old town centre of Kuressaare. Afterwards, explore Kuressaare castle's star-shaped fort or stroll along deserted beaches.

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Sunset in Berlin

Berlin's sunset spots offer a captivating experience. Start at Klunkerkranich, a rooftop club atop a shopping center, offering stunning views of the sunset over the Berlin TV Tower or hop to Viktoriapark in Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg for panoramic vistas from the city's highest point, accompanied by the Prussian war memorial.

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Sitia Geopark in Greece

Nestled in the eastern half of Crete island, Sitia Geopark boasts rare flora and fauna. Explore the Gorge of the Dead in Zakros, once a Minoan cemetery, and witness griffon vultures overhead. Accessible by a 40-minute bus ride from Sitia town, the geopark spans from Cape Sidero to the Minoan palace of Zakros.

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Cold War bunkers in Albania

Explore the Cold War bunkers scattered across Albania. With around 170,000 of these structures, exploring them offers an intriguing journey reminiscent of Indiana Jones. Built under the rule of Communist dictator Enver Hoxha, some bunkers now host art galleries or museums.

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Road Trip in Scotland

Scotland's North East 250, a 250-mile Aberdeenshire loop, known as “Scotland in miniature” offers a condensed experience of the country's highlights. It features castles, stunning scenery, wildlife, and whisky. On this road trip, visitors can rent luxury motorhomes like Vando from Camplify, stopping at local campsites along the way. Hiking in Glen Tanar forest and wild dips in Loch Muick add to the adventure, making it an ideal trip for a leisurely weekend getaway.

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