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Aditya Singh Rajput, Vaibhavi Upadhyaya, Nitesh Pandey Death: Celebs Open Up About Losing Their Friends, Colleagues All Of A Sudden

Celebrities speak up about the sudden deaths of Aditya Singh Rajput, Vaibhavi Upadhyaya and Nitesh Pandey. They express their condolences and some also feel that the industry puts a lot of pressure on celebs.

Aditya Singh Rajput, Vaibhavi Uphadhyaya, Nitesh Pandey

The last few days have been difficult for the entertainment industry. Actors Aditya Singh Rajput, Vaibhavi Upadhyaya and Nitesh Pandey lost their lives. While Aditya was found dead in his Mumbai home, Vaibhavi met with an accident and Nitesh died of cardiac arrest. Life is uncertain and unpredictable. Looking forward to the future we forget to live in the present.

Celebrities share condolences and that it’s sad and devastating to wake up to such news back-to-back. Losing so many friends and colleagues all of a sudden is definitely shocking. Some are also of the opinion that the industry does put a lot of pressure on those who are a part of it, while some do not agree with the view. Here’s what they said:

Charrul Malik

I have met all three of them in the last six months. I have always followed their work. They are all quite young. It is very sad. I think it has nothing to do with industry pressure. It has all happened naturally. These three were very good human beings. People, who are born, must die. This is life but when someone, who you know happens to be in this situation, it hurts a lot. It’s a feeling that can’t be expressed. It’s shocking. We are all very connected somehow. It feels that a part of you and the industry has left. Life is unpredictable, you never know what is going to happen tomorrow. So we all should learn to live in the moment and understand that every second is important and that life is very short.

Aniruddh Dave

Entertainment industry doesn’t give any pressure. If you talk about work pressure then even the corporate world goes through that pressure. Today there are so many multinational companies and other jobs where workload is too high, it’s just that the entertainment industry is related to the glamour world and is in the public eye so things get noticed here quickly. The news from the entertainment industry interests people. Such deaths happen all around everyday but since people don’t know about them, they don’t know the news. There are so many hardworking souls in big companies who also go through this. People just write RIP and it’s so sad. Everything is very unpredictable and it’s a bitter fact of life and we can’t step back. Whatever happened in the last four days is very sad.

Mohit Malhotra

It is very sad to hear this news. But we have to realise that we have to live in the present moment and take care of our health. It doesn't matter what profession you are in, because pressures exist in every industry and we have to learn how to handle them. Whatever is gone in the past is gone, what is going to come you don't know yet. However, we realise that life always takes place in the present moment and you should enjoy every moment no matter how things turn out. It's very disheartening to see my colleagues going through such a fate. I hope it does not happen again. In my opinion, life is very precious, and I don't think it's worth succumbing to pressures, and I believe the pressures are more in the mind than they are in reality. If you learn to deal with that and take care of our mental health, I think these things can be avoided. You can have a good and happy life.

Megha Chakraborty

Life is uncertain. People do drug overdose for entertainment and fun. One should stay in control and should not let addiction get the better of you. When you know that drugs aren’t good then why would you even try. You should not be so hard on yourself. Nitesh Pandey was such a good actor. I don’t know if it’s because of so much press or because you don’t take care of your health at all. The best way one can keep their health in track is by going for full body checkups every six months. Prevention is better than cure. Vaibhavi was such a great actor, it’s very sad that she died in a car accident. It’s a sudden death. May their souls rest in peace. There is pressure in every field as we are living in a hustle culture. People are just running after money and not taking care of their health. Better than planning it all out, you should keep yourself healthy and move forward with positivity. Taking stress won’t cure your problems. One should handle everything with positivity and live life fully and try balancing out everything. Try to share your problems with your loved ones and avoid taking drugs and stress.

Hansa Singh

Life is sad or death is sad. I'm flummoxed by all this sad news coming in everyday. It saddens more to lose good friends. Aditya Singh Rajput a true buddy, Nitesh Pandey an excellent human being, actor and a friend. The conversations and the plan to meet them will now remain unfulfilled forever. But being busy at work, you know how life is. Well I always say health is wealth. Period. We get sucked into all the pressure, deadlines, making every moment a sprint. Life should be lived like a marathoner. I just pray no more such sad news comes now. Too sad.

Deepika Motwani

It saddens to wake up to news of people leaving us suddenly in last five days, Aditya and Vaibhavi were lovely actors, they were yet to get their dues from the industry, and Nitesh gave us entertaining performances in Khosla Ka Ghosla and Om Shanti Om. Don’t know if they were ready to leave yet or they had their job done and left in peace. I feel I have so much more to give to the world and can’t leave without doing what I have to. Austin my teacher had told me to read obituary daily as a reminder that your time on earth is limited, that we all should do more of what we love to do and things that brings true joy in our hearts and lights up others, so when it's time to leave we leave with grace and no regrets and leave legacy behind like all these three did in their own rights. May their souls rest in peace.


Anupama Solanki

It’s extremely shocking for the entertainment industry. I don’t know all three personally but it’s surprising for us that they are gone too early. These days death has become uncertain. Most people are succumbing because of their health issues. We should be alert about health especially, mental health. In India people are not aware of such things and that is very sad. Everyone thinks if you physically fit that means you are fit, but nobody is interested in internal and mental health. Government should start health campaigns to make people aware.

Nivedita Basu

It’s super tragic and sad. We were just dealing with the shock of Aditya, then Vaibhavi’s accident came to light and then Nitesh Pandey. I think now the fact that there are so many options rather than one television channel or show, isn’t that much of a breather today. You can make money through Instagram and YouTube so why do you give up. My request to all actors is that don’t think this is the end of it all. We are seeing every sort of person finding ways to make money so why are you taking this pressure on your head and who are we competing with? We should be our own competitors. My heart goes out to all three and condolences to the family. I hope God gives them enough strength to deal with this loss.