Rajkot Fire: 'Missing' Co-Owner Of Gaming Zone Prakash Hiran Died In Fire, Confirms Police

Prakash Hiran was reported missing after the fire broke out on Saturday night. Through DNA profiling, the "missing" co-owner has now been confirmed dead.

Charred remains of Rajkot gaming zone after a massive fire broke out on Saturday | Photo: PTI

In the latest update for the fire at a Rajkot gaming zone, the co-owner of the arcade - Prakash Hiran - has been confirmed dead. Hiran, reportedly was at the gaming zone on May 25 and died in the fire.

Confirmation of Hiran's death comes after the May 25 tragedy in which he was reported missing. Through the process of DNA profiling, it was confirmed that Hiran died in the massive fire.

The co-owner was one of the six people against whom Gujarat Police filed an FIR in connection with the fire at the gaming zone. As per police officials, the remains found at the scene were matched with Prakash's mother to confirm his identity.

Hiran's death came into light after his brother - Jitendra Hiran filed a petition with the police and stated that no contact had been established with Prakash after the fire broke out and all his phone numbers were switched off.

On Saturday (May 25), a massive fire broke out at TRP game zone in Rajkot, Gujarat. Around 27 people were killed in the fire, of which around 11 were children.

The victims of the fire are being identified through DNA profiling as the bodies had been charred beyond recognition.

Gujarat High Court also took suo moto cognisance of the fire and called the May 25 tragedy a "man made disaster".

Following the fire at TRP game zone, all gaming zones across Rajkot were ordered to close for inspection.