Photography Banned Inside Srinagar’s Jamia Masjid

The management of the 14th-century mosque—Jamia Masjid Srinagar also urged men and women not to sit together inside its lawns.

Srinagar Jama Masjid courtyard

The management of the historic Jamia Masjid in Srinagar has issued a notification banning photography inside the mosque and asking men and women to not sit together in its lawns.

Entry of photography equipment is also prohibited, the Anjuman Auquaf Central Jamia Masjid said in the notification put up all around the mosque complex.

"Photographers or camera persons are prohibited to take any kind of photos or clicks inside the mosque. Even equipment used to click any kind of photos are totally disallowed and need to be stopped at the gate forthwith," it read.

It also prohibited the carrying of eatables into the mosque premises.

"Nobody is allowed to have lunch or any kind of eatables inside the mosque. As such, visitors need to be stopped at the gate itself," the notification read.

The management of the 14th-century mosque directed its security guards to implement the instructions immediately.

Women can enter the mosque if there is a designated place for them, separate from men. 

Meanwhile, in a statement, Anjuman Auqaf said being a place of worship, the visitors are requested to respect its sanctity as a mosque and observe decorum while visiting it. 

“It is not a public park or a recreational facility. So, while clicking photographs visitors -- both local and outsiders -- should keep this in mind. For professional purposes, permission needs to be sought from Anjuman Auqaf before taking any pictures or video of Jamia Masjid,” the statement said.

The Auqaf said people should refrain from carrying food items to the mosque, and worshippers -- both men and women -- should use their specific spaces while praying in the mosque, designated for both genders.