Parliament Security Breach: Unemployment And Inflation Accountable For Smoke Attack, Says Rahul Gandhi

Since the very day of the Parliament security breach incident, the BJP-led Centre and the Opposition have been at loggerheads with each other. Besides Rahul Gandhi slamming the BJP-led Centre, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge too took a jibe at Amit Shah over the matter.

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi

Amid the ongoing political slugfest over the recent security breach inside the Parliament building, Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Saturday held unemployment due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's policy primarily accountable for the chaos. In Gandhi's opinion, unemployment is the biggest problem that the Indian population is facing currently.

On December 13, the day which marked 22nd anniversary of 2001 Parliament attack, breaching all the stringent security protocols, two intruders jumped into the Lok Sabha chamber from the public gallery during Zero Hour, and popped two yellow-coloured canisters that they hid in their shoes, and began sloganeering while two more accused were protesting outside.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

"The citizens of the country are not getting employment because of (Prime Minister Narendra) Modi's policy. Unemployment is the reason why the security breach happened," he told reporters on Saturday.

"The security breach has indeed happened. But the point is, why did it happen? The main issue is unemployment. Owing to Modi ji's policies, the people of India are not getting employment," the Wayanad MP said.

Rahul Gandhi said that unemployment and also inflation due to the Prime Minister's policies are the reasons behind the Parliament security breach.

Congress-BJP feud over Parliament security breach

Since the day of Parliament security breach incident, the BJP-led Centre and the Opposition have been at loggerheads.

The Congress and other opposition parties have blamed the BJP as visitors' passes were issued to two of the six accused in the matter in BJP MP Pratip Simha's name.

Besides Gandhi, Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge also took a jibe at Union Home Minister Amit Shah over the security breach, saying the latter only speaks to media but does not make statements on the matter in the House.

On asked about Shah's claim that the opposition parties are politicising the Parliament security breach, Kharge said, "He seeks votes by taking Congress's name, (and) takes votes by abusing Nehru ji and Gandhi ji."