Friday, Jul 01, 2022

Muzaffarnagar: UP Police Seizes House of Man Facing Criminal Charges

The Uttar Pradesh Police on Sunday seized a three-story house worth Rs 4 crore of a man, who is named in over two dozen criminal cases, including murder and kidnapping, officials here said.

Representational image of Uttar Pradesh Police. File Photo

Sanjeev Maheshwari, alias Jiva, also faces charges under the Gangster Act. The officials said the three-story house of 131 square meters was built with illegally acquired money. It was seized under sections of the Uttar Pradesh Gangster and Anti-Social Activities Prevention Act, 1986. 

The house also had commercial spaces, police said, adding that the cost of the house is estimated to be around Rs 4 crore. Jiva has been involved in severe criminal incidents since 1995. Over two dozen cases are registered against him under sections about murder, extortion, robbery, dacoity, and kidnapping, among others, police said.