India’s Scorching Heatwave Likely To Strain Country’s Economy: Report

India: In 2022, the heatwave caused widespread suffering in the country, besides also affecting the global wheat production.

Heatwave in Delhi

As India is bracing for sweltering summer in May, there are likely chances that the heatwave is going to strain country’s economy and affect people’s lives.

The report in NDTV quoting India Meteorological Department prediction said monthly maximum temperatures are expected to be above normal over east-central and eastern regions.

It also said parts of northeast India will also see hotter weather.

Last year as well, heatwave caused widespread suffering in India, besides also affecting the global wheat production.

“Businesses and traders are now factoring in extreme weather in their investment decisions as the frequency of such events increases,” the report mentioned.

The heatwave in India has also been putting country’s power-grid under tremendous pressure, due to spikes in electricity use as people switch on their air conditioners and fans. It has also lead to blackouts in the past. 

The heatwave in India also has been deadly for the labour class who toil all day under the extreme weather conditions. There have been deaths across the country due to the heatwave.

“Temperatures aren't the only factor that makes heat waves dangerous. Humidity can also be fatal when the human body can't cool itself by sweating,” report said.

Besides India there are other countries facing extreme weather conditions this year including Thailand and Bangladesh, while Yunnan province in China is grappling with drought.

“Temperatures are likely to be normal to below normal in parts of northwest and west-central India in May,” the report said.

“It predicted that El Nino may develop during the upcoming monsoon season, a weather pattern that is associated with drier conditions and reduced rainfall in India. However, that may be offset by positive Indian Ocean Dipole conditions which are also likely to develop and could bring greater monsoon rainfall,” it said.

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