Ethnic Cleansing Being Conducted By Haryana Govt, Says Court While Ordering Stay On Demolition Drive

The Punjab and Haryana High Court accused the Haryana government of targeting a particular community under the guise of a law and order problem for conducting the demolition drive and also called it an exercise of ethnic cleansing. The court ordered stay on the drive on Monday.

Demolition drive in violence-hit Nuh

The Punjab and Haryana High Court ordered a stay on the demolition drive conducted by the Haryana government in Nuh and it was strongly worded questioning the state government's intention of targeting a particular community in the guise of law and order problem. The court also made a comment on 'ethnic cleansing' being operated in Haryana. 

Reportedly the court's order said, "The issue also arises whether the buildings belonging to a particular community are being brought down under the guise of law and order problem, and an exercise of ethnic cleansing is being conducted by the State."

Last week when the communal clashes erupted in Haryana and the Home Minister of the state, Anil Vij was asked if they will retort to bulldozing the houses of the alleged culprits of the violence, he said, "Ilaj mein bulldozer bhi ek karavayi hai" which meant bulldozer is part of the treatment.

Referring to Vij's comment, the court quoted historian Lord Acton while issuing the notice to the state government, said, "Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Further, the court referred to the media reports that claimed 'anti-social activities' were being conducted in the houses and shops making them illegal construction, it said, "Apparently, without any demolition orders and notices, the law and order problem is being used as a ruse to bring down buildings without following the procedure established by law." 

An affidavit has been asked to be submitted by the Haryana government to show how many buildings were demolished in the last two weeks in Nuh and Gurugram. The court also asked to mention if any notice was issued before the demolition process took place.

According to the reports, Deputy Commissioner Dhirendra Khadgata has asked the concerned officials to stop the demolition process. The communal clashes took six lives in Haryana and led to a huge loss of property. The court of Justice G S Sandhawalia took suo motu cognisance of the exercise and directed the state government not to carry out any further demolition. 

As many as 162 permanent and 591 temporary structures have been demolished in the district so far, said PTI.

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