Congress Pursuing Very Low Level Of Politics, Discourse: Hardeep Puri

Puri said Gandhi is not only one politician in the country who has been disqualified from Lok Sabha “through an action which has come through the courts.

Union Minister Hardeep Puri

Union minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Thursday accused the Congress of pursuing "a very low" level of politics and discourse over Rahul Gandhi's disqualification from the Lok Sabha, describing the protests by the opposition party as "black attired fashion shows" and "melodramatics".

Puri also hit out at Gandhi for his “I am not Savarkar” remark, saying the “so-called allies” of the Congress have already reacted to it. "Veer Savarkar" was one of those freedom fighters who made “sacrifices of a very high order”, he added.

Slamming Gandhi for his "democracy under threat" remark in the UK, the minister alleged it was “juvenile” on the part of the Congress leader to “appeal and invite” comments from those who are not so appreciative of a “rising India”.

“This is politics, a course of action, with a very low level of discourse, which they are seeking to pursue,” Puri said on the unrelenting protest by the Congress over Gandhi's disqualification and Adani issue. The Union minister was replying to questions at ‘News18 Rising India Summit’.

“Everyone, no matter where he or she is born, is influenced by the kind of DNA they come with, the kind of nurturing they receive in terms of the setting that you are made to grow up.Some of us are made to work very hard as part of our upbringing… Many more people are perhaps more fortunate and that results in a sense of entitlement,” Puri said when asked about his views on "Rahul Gandhi’s politics".

"I won't say what A said or B said,” he, however, added. On Gandhi’s Savarkar remark, Puri said a lot of people made outstanding contributions during freedom struggle and “Veer Savarkar” was one of those who made “sacrifices of a very high order”.

“Any listing you attempt, he (Savrakar) will be right at the top of that,” he said. ”Now to compare yourself in terms of what Savarkar ji’s contribution is… Sentiments run even deeper in Maharashtra. I am not surprised with the reaction that is taking place including from the so-called allies of the Congress party. All of them have taken exception to those comments (of Gandhi),” he said.

He said Gandhi was disqualified from Lok Sabha following his conviction in a defamation case in Surat. “The executive, judiciary and the legislature — these are all important segments in a democracy. And his disqualification as member of a House came as part of that. There is no discretion exercised,” the minister added.

Puri said Gandhi is not only one politician in the country who has been disqualified from Lok Sabha “through an action which has come through the courts. The Union minister said Gandhi could have apologised before the court for his remarks.

“But instead what you are witnessing is black attired fashion shows and other forms of melodramatics,“ he charged in a veiled reference to Congress leaders turning up to Parliament wearing  black dresses in protest against Gandhi’s disqualification as MP. Puri said Gandhi can file an appeal to higher court against the lower court's verdict, seeking stay on his conviction.

“It is a very simple solution,” he said.