Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan Announce Joint Seat Distribution For Andhra Pradesh Elections

The seat distribution was considered with the possibility of accommodating the BJP if they choose to join the alliance.


TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan

TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan revealed their initial combined list of 118 seats for the upcoming Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections on Saturday.

They emphasized that the seat distribution was considered with the possibility of accommodating the BJP if they choose to join the alliance.

TDP candidates will be contesting from 94 constituencies while Janasena will contest from 24 seats, as per the first list.

Naidu addressed a press conference at his Andhra Pradesh residence in Undavalli on the TDP-Janasena alliance on Saturday when he said, "On this auspicious occasion, both TDP and Janasena are ready to go for the polls. I wish this news to be good tidings for everyone in the state. This union is for the future of the state. This is the first step for a great effort."


Kalyan on the other hand observed that the TDP-Janasena alliance "has the blessings of the BJP" and read out the names of five Janasena candidates and promised to reveal the remaining 19 names in a couple of days.

Explaining the reason for Janasena's decision to contest only 24 seats, Kalyan emphasized the significance of opting for a smaller number of seats rather than taking the risk of contesting a larger number.

Kalyan reportedly said, "We have to first put the state on the right track, keeping the future of the state ahead of individual and party prospects."

Including the three Lok Sabha seats allocated for Janasena in the alliance, he noted that it is as good as the party contesting some 40 Assembly seats.


Meanwhile, Naidu highlighted that if the BJP also comes along with their alliance then those issues will also be discussed at the right time to take the right decisions.

"This alliance is for the future of the state, not for any two individuals or two parties. Both the parties took the decision to work together for the welfare of five crore people. This is a historic day for the state," said Naidu.

For his ninth election, Naidu highlighted that he had done the most intense exercise of zeroing in on the candidates, unlike previously, even during the times of united Andhra Pradesh.

Taking the opinion of 1.1 crore people from various sources, Naidu said the 94 TDP candidates have been selected after a multi-pronged analysis and filtering.

He asserted that the selected candidates are people who are in touch with the masses, desired by people, approved by the people and who can 'resiliently' face the polls and opponents.

Additionally, the leader of the opposing party noted that the TDP prioritized young people, women, individuals from BC communities, and educated individuals when choosing candidates.

Naidu stated that out of the 94 candidates, 23 are new to politics, three are doctors, one is a retired IAS officer, 25 have post-graduate degrees, 51 have undergraduate degrees, and three have doctorates.


Naidu called on the Janasena and TDP leaders to cooperate with each other for mutual benefit wherever both the parties are contesting.

"Wherever Janasena is contesting the TDP should cooperate and wherever TDP is contesting the Janaseana should cooperate. Both should work with an understanding for creating belief in people and victory will be easy, nobody can stop us...," Naidu added.

The allocation of seats for the 57 remaining Assembly constituencies is anticipated to be revealed soon.

Janasena, as part of the alliance, will contest for three out of the 25 Lok Sabha seats in the state.

According to PTI, the TDP insiders indicated ongoing talks with the BJP regarding a potential pre-election alliance.


Meanwhile, Andhra Pradesh BJP chief D Purandeswari stated that alliances in the southern state would be determined by the party's high command, and currently, the state unit is preparing for activities in all constituencies.