Thursday, Jun 30, 2022

Opposition's 'Mir Jafars' In League With Foreign Country, Says Imran Khan Alleging Foreign Conspiracy To Oust Him

Imran Khan said people trying to topple his government are selling their country and are selling Pakistan's sovereignty.

Pakistan's PM Imran Khan
Pakistan's PM Imran Khan Twitter

Pakistan's Opposition parties are in league with a foreign country that wants to oust him from office, said Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday in an address to Pakistani public, calling people trying to topple his government "Mir Jafar" - a reference to general in Bengal who betrayed his nawab in 18th century causing British victory.

Repeating his earlier claims of foreign conspiracy to unseat him, Khan said his government received a letter on March 8 in which a foreign government had referred to the no-confidence motion even before it was submitted, which he said was a sign that the foreign power knew in advance of Opposition's move yet to be made. 

Khan said the foreign country's senior official told the Pakistani ambassador in that country, according to a letter sent to Pakistani foreign ministry by their embassy, that relations with Pakistan would worsen if Khan continues to remain in office.

He said, "We received an official document which we must say is against our people. They state that Pakistan can face severe consequences if I survive the no confidence vote."

Khan said Pakistan is now at a defining moment and the trust vote on Sunday would decide the future of Pakistan. 

He said, “On Sunday, we will have the vote. Either Pakistan will progress through independent foreign policy or the corrupt will ruin our progress.”

Having earlier said in the address that Pakistanis are crawling like ants now, Khan said people trying to topple his government are selling their country's sovereignty. 

The Pakistani nation will never forgive those who would overthrow the government against the independent foreign policy of Pakistan by being a part of this foreign conspiracy, said Khan. 

Khan made it clear that he will not resign and that he will face the trust vote no matter the result. No prime minister in Pakistan has yet completed their term. Also, no prime minister has ever been removed from office in a trust vote - Khan will be the third to face it.