28 May 2022

Poem | The Symphony Of The Tide

And I may have lost the shore/But now the ocean is my own.

Symphony of the tide
Symphony of the tide Getty Images

A storm of waves breaks over me,
Each bigger and darker than the other.
Their mighty roar drenches the soul,
The salty surf stings the heart,
And drags away the ground beneath.
Oh, to be safe and warm at home.

Away from the surge of their primal force,
Which sends ripples across the sands of time.
And hurls me away from shore, 
From anything sure.

I squeeze my watery eyes shut,
But they see the burning truth.

The waves never come,
They never really go.

They always are. 
They always were.
They always will be.
A journey of crests and troughs.
A song of highs and lows.
A dance of creation.
A rhythm of eternity.
Yes, the tempestuous tide will turn,
The mighty storm will pass.
The black waters will recede,
The long night will fade.

And I may have lost the shore,
But now the ocean is my own.
Am ready for its unknown.
And all that is unsure.
In sync with its ebb
In step with the more.  
One with the waves
To rise and fall, 
Form and crash,
Wax and wane,
Reach back and look ahead,
To go on and on,
Always in motion,
Always in flow.

(Richa Tilokani is a marketing, communication and advertising professional and a poetry buff)